Video: Equine Advocates – Albany ABC WTEN

A candid conversation with Equine Advocates founder Susan Wagner on the issue of horse slaughter facing all equines from all walks of life and service. This is the 3rd episode of Real Horse Rescues in this series season premiere broadcast on ABC-WTEN.

This show will air Saturday, July 18th, at 6 AM Eastern on WTEN in Albany


  1. BRAVO! Susan Wagner has not only dedicated her life to helping horses and burros but she is also dedicated to educating the public about them and the potential slaughter that is often the horrible way their lives are ended. Again I say, BRAVO!

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  2. Here’s the BEST part

    Rescued Horses Doing What Horses Love To Do!

    This video will make you smile! Mini Turn-Out 5-3-2015. Mostly rescued Canadian Pregnant Mares Urine (PMU) mares and their offspring plus Gracie, rescued Thoroughbred, Josephine, rescued half-blind Standardbred Mare/former Amish buggy horse, Elinore, former Amish work horse & Emma, former Amish work mule.

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