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Video: Equine Advocates – Albany ABC WTEN

A candid conversation with Equine Advocates founder Susan Wagner on the issue of horse slaughter facing all equines from all walks of life and service. This is the 3rd episode of Real Horse Rescues in this series season premiere broadcast on ABC-WTEN. This show will air Saturday, July […]

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NYC Court May Open Door for Wild Horse Release

Today, lead counsel Bruce Wagman, of the Schiff Hardin law firm, reported that the TRO hearing for the Habitat for Horses, ASPCA, Cloud Foundation, Toni and Dr. Don Moore suit against the BLM for rounding up wild horses in the Colorado North Piceance area has netted several positive results for both the horses and the American public.

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Reason Will Win the Horse Slaughter Debate

Over the past week there has been a uptick in the coverage of the horse-slaughter issue. This should be no surprise; the public pays more attention to horse racing in the time surrounding the Kentucky Derby.

But this year the coverage seems intended not only to discuss the issue of horse slaughter (which I have invested considerable personal energies toward) but also to demonize horse racing itself.

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Captain of NYCPD Mounted Unit Kills 3 Retiring Horses

The retirement package that was administered to three solid veterans of the NYPD was a needle to the neck and an early death where they had an easy 10+ years left to reap the rewards of just being a horse. And the Horse’s Ass…no wait, that is an insult to the horses, the piece of horse poop, no…again that is degrading to the fallen equines…the worthless, stinking, pond scum who issued the order should contemplate if he will receive the same loving treatment upon his retirement.

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