Oregon’s Kiger and Riddle Mountain Wild Horse Capture – Yesterday One Mare With Broken Neck on the First Day of BLM Capture

by Grandma Gregg

“A four year old mare broke her neck and died after running into a panel while sorting at the capture site on September 1, 2015.”

Per the BLM website:
One page says they captured 101 wild horses and their other page says they captured 91.  We know BLM can’t count but after only one day they have already “misplaced” ten of our wild horses and killed one mare?

On http://www.blm.gov/or/resources/whb/kiger2015.php  BLM states this:

Details of Gather

Our overall goal is for the range to achieve or maintain a thriving natural ecological balance.

Total horses gathered: 101
Foals 23
Mares 48
Stallions 30
Total Deaths: 1 (gather related)*
*A 4 year old mare broke her neck and died after running into a panel while sorting at the capture site on September 1, 2015.


THEN, on  http://www.blm.gov/or/resources/whb/kiger2015reports.php,  BLM stated this:

Kiger Wild Horse Gather Reports

Cumulative totals can be found on the Kiger Wild Horse Gather home page.

Click to open/close Date: 09/01/2015

91 Animals Gathered
33 Animals Shipped
1 Animal Death (gather related): a 4 year old mare broke her neck and died after running into a fence panel while sorting at the capture site.
0 Animal Deaths (non-gather related): NONE

The Kiger and Riddle Mountain Herd Management Areas are about 50 miles south of Burns, Oregon, and are bordered by Kiger Gorge on the west and East Steens Road on the east. The Appropriate Management Level (AML) herd sizes are non-viable populations of 33 to 56 horses for the Riddle HMA and 51 to 82 horses for the Kiger HMA.

Using BLM’s herd stats, the Riddle herd population jumped up 42% from 2014 to 2015 and the Kiger herd population jumped up 78% from 2014 to 2015.  This is impossible of course, but this is how the BLM fabricates the numbers to get funding for capture/removals of our wild horses.

If private/corporate invasive, domestic livestock were removed from the Riddle and the Kiger legal herd area, a total of about 6265 AUMs would be provide enough forage for approximately 203 more wild horses on the Kiger HMA and approximately 318 more wild horses on the Riddle HMA – year round.


  1. Thank you, GG, for reporting. This is one life too many lost to death, and too many lives lost to a hold facility. Breaks my heart.


    • I’m a Marylander, Assateague residents are very protective of their ponies. It’s posted clearly when you enter the island. It’s posted everywhere on the island. They’ll tell you in a heartbeat if you don’t follow the rules you don’t belong there. That lifeguard is more than likely a summer hire, the lifeguards I know would never approach the ponies like that from behind. Usually, if you don’t panic & just back away, the ponies smell the stuff & go on.


  2. That’s a beautiful mare in the photo. Has there ever been a time the BLM actually was on the side of the horses, or have they always been in the cattle associations pocket & lied cheated & stole at the horses expense? It’s so sad and shameful, I wish the President would go on a Wild Horse trip, like his Alaska trip, and see how few there are left & what the cattle are doing to the range, not the horses.


  3. Today:
    Total horses gathered: 138
    Foals 30
    Mares 62
    Stallions 46
    Total Deaths: 1 (gather related)*
    *A 4 year old mare broke her neck and died after running into a panel while sorting at the capture site on September 1, 2015.
    Total horses shipped to corrals in Burns: 130
    Total horses released back into HMA: 8 on September 2, 2015


  4. What happened to those 10 horses than apparently vanished into hot air? Will they show up in the holding facility or will show up instead in a sale ring? Questions… questions…

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  5. The actions of the BLM are outrageous, cruel, uncalled for, horrible. Something MUST be done to stop their murderous and slaughtering way!


  6. Oh my God you people Bureau of land management are awful we ask you not to do this you do it anyway you kill a horse you’re irresponsible people very irresponsible , just leave them alone who are you, these horses do not belong to you they don’t belong to anyone leave them alone


  7. …while in Europe, they’re working to SAVE Wild Horses…but then, they have already learned some very hard lessons

    Czechs deploy wild horses from Britain to save biodiversity
    Originally published March 23, 2015

    The Associated Press
    MILOVICE, Czech Republic (AP) — Twenty-five years ago it was a military zone where occupying Soviet troops held exercises. Today it’s a sanctuary inhabited by wild animals that scientists hope will improve biodiversity among local plants as well as save endangered species.
    A herd of 14 wild mares from Britain’s Exmoor National Park were moved in January to the former Milovice military base, 35 kilometers (22 miles) northeast of Prague, the Czech capital.
    After an acclimatization period at a small enclosure, the horses were released Saturday to a 40-hectare (99-acre) area. Their task is to stop the spread of aggressive and evasive grasses — including bushgrass — that are delicacies for them. The invasive plants began to grow after Soviet troops withdrew in 1991, threatening the area’s original plants and animals. A stallion will join the mares in April.
    Dalibor Dostal, director of European Wildlife, the organization behind the project, said scientists decided that using big-hoofed animals such wild horses, which “maintained the steppe character of nature across Europe for thousands of years,” could solve the invasive plant problem in the most effective way. That should also help some 30 threatened species in the area, including the Mountain Alcon Blue butterfly and the Star Gentian flowering plant.
    “Alternatives to wild animals are very expensive and their impact on the environment is not very good,” Dostal said.
    Domestic animals such as sheep were ruled out because they would feed on the endangered plants, and mechanical cutting costs too much.
    “(The horses) will move freely on the pastures the whole year. If they have a source of water and enough space, they don’t need any care. They are able to care of themselves,” Dostal said.
    Environmentalists are already planning to expand the territory and use other big-hoofed animals such as European bison.
    The Soviet army that stayed after the 1968 Soviet-led invasion of then-Czechoslovakia was the last armed force in the area. Dostal said the soldiers’ activities actually simulated the impact of hoofed animals, a reason why “military zones in the Czech Republic are the places with the best biodiversity.”

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    • Guilty… but paid $500 and had 1 year probation? No mention of how many horses were sold (skimmed the document) but surely it was more than $500, and the BLM was invoiced for the cost of the work. Wonder if there’s a record of them paying it?

      Also wondering if anyone was/is allowed to photograph the current Kiger situation?

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      • They should have been jailed and barred for life from engaging in any contract with any local, state and federal governments together with all their relatives up to 4th degree of kinship. They should have been applied them RICO. But the judge only considered a single count instead of an triple count (poaching, helicopter and slaughter) for every single horse that was captured.

        Again, the good ole boy network at its best.

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    • BLM’s Wild Horse Stampede Contractor Exposed as Deceptive

      Dave Cattoor, “I’m not going to give them the one shot that they want”
      It was subtle, it was sweet and done with such professional flair that most people would have missed it on the first go around but a second viewing cements the words and causes the jaws to drop.
      Clare Major, of the New York Times, caught on video BLM Wild Horse Stampede contractor Dave Cattoor discussing with his company and BLM personnel the process of killing a horse, that his firm would injure, and how to hide it and dispose of it in such a manner that the public and press would not see it or become aware of the incident. How sweet is that?
      D.Cattoor: If something happens, we’re going to correct it quickly –
      Wrangler: Okay.
      D.Cattoor: — just like we talked about. If it’s a broken leg, we’re going to put it down.
      Wrangler: Okay.
      D.Cattoor: Slide it on the trailer, same thing, and go to town with it.
      Wrangler: Okay.
      D.Cattoor: We’re not going to give them that one shot they want.
      Wrangler: Okay. You got


      • When I watched some of the live feed of the so-called Advisory Board mtg. they made mention of the fact that there were going to be contracts for 3 contractors – Catoor, of course, but Sun J was also one – right after Tim Harvey spoke about the problems with Sun J!!!


      • “America is over 18 trillion dollars in debt? Great! Let’s reward a wild horse stampede contractor $740,000 in taxpayers money instead of putting that money towards useful programs like improving schools and creating jobs.” Gov logic. -_-


  8. Maggie-
    And I read that the 3rd helicopter contractor will be Sampson who is a protege (past employee) of Cattoor and has had a trapping contract for the past 3 years.
    And here is more information showing the (now RE-hired by BLM) Sun J helicopter contractor:


    Obviously this is BLM’s idea of acceptable humane animal treatment for our wild ones.


    • I have watched both these videos earlier – and no, NOT acceptable humane animal treatment for our wild horses & burros or any animal. Thanks GG
      Tim Harvey did question Dean regarding the issues with Sun J – everybody on this board was chuckling because apparently Tim is the only one who ever questions anything – big joke! Certainly must be very frustrating to be the one odd man out. I guess with the BLM’s new animal welfare rules – everything will be run humanely!


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