Group wants recognition for world’s oldest horse who lived until he was 62

SOURCE:  Warrington Guardian

Old Billy 2.png-pwrt3
Old Billy was born in Woolston in 1760 and lived until 1822.

by Adam Everett, Reporter

RESIDENTS are campaigning for greater recognition for the world’s oldest horse who was born in Woolston.

Old Billy was a well-known horse who used to pull boats along Mersey and Irwell navigation system and lived until he was 62 years old.

The average age for a horse is between 20 and 25 years but Billy was born in 1760 and died in 1822 and the New Cut Heritage and Ecology Trail Group want greater recognition of him.

They are looking for references to Old Billy to be made in a new play area in Bruche Park, and want people to reference him during the consultation for the plans.

Cllr Ian Johnson said: “We encourage people to have their say with regard to the brilliant investment and upgrade of Bruche Park being planned.

“Significant tree pruning and thinning although drastic initially will give light a make the space more welcoming with the best species remaining taking advantage and reaching their potential in the coming few years.

“Not many people are aware of local heritage and the New Cut Heritage and Ecology Trail Group aim to keep this alive and enjoyed by many.

“Old Billy is just one part of this, but an important and focal part, which gives a picture in the mind of Mersey flat boats being pulled along the river and canal and all the goes with transport by the waterway.

“A mention of this when compiling consultation surveys will aid the group.”

Bred on Wild Grave Farm in Woolston as a plough horse, Old Billy was bought by the Navigation Company in 1763 and towed boats until 1819 when he was retired to a farm in Latchford.


  1. If this is true they should be able to say it, the oldest I was a wear of was a 50 year old horse, My App made it to 35 years old and was wrote up in the App book. I am not saying this is not true at all, do hope they did not work him to the day he died. More power to him. I would like more information on him.


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