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Arizona lawmakers push for protection of Salt River Wild Horses

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“Arizona fights to save their Wild Horses”

Salt River bachelor stallions just horsing around! Picture by SRWHMG photographer Robin O’Donnell

Arizona’s entire congressional delegation is calling on U.S. agriculture officials to look into an ongoing effort to protect wild horses along the Salt River.

Rep. Matt Salmon’s office says the state’s nine congressional representatives sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack on Friday.

Salmon is  joined by an Arizona congressional delegation, made up of state lawmakers Trent Franks, Ruben Gallego, Raul Grijalva, Ann Kirkpatrick, Martha McSally, David Schweikert, and Kyrsten Sinema.

The panel wants Vilsack to find out why the U.S. Forest Service has not followed up on plans to consult with people in the state about a management plan for the horses.
“Our government is a government by, of, and for the people.  When the Forest Service decided to round up a valuable local resource, the people’s outcry forced it to halt its plans and promise to consult with our constituents. Sadly, it appears the Forest Service is treating this consultation as a token effort, as no new management plan has been introduced.  As we quickly approach the deadline for action, we want to reiterate our calls for the Forest Service to consult with the people directly affected by their actions before implementing any plan.”

Conservationists protested federal officials’ plans in August to remove and possibly auction up to 100 wild horses from the Tonto National Forest.

The Forest Service halted the round-up.

Officials said they hoped to work with the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group and other stakeholders on an alternative strategy.

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    • So Craft Burger shops sell “exotic” burgers? Exactly what kind of person gets a thrill from eating exotic animals? Anyone who gets their jollies out of eating a wild animal mainly because they are exotic or possibly endangered – I dont get it! I guess its the same attitude that is intent on using up every kind of natural resource there is on this planet – and making a profit on it! Do they ever contemplate what happens when there are no animals left – no oil or gas, etc left? What then?


      • Maggie, I’m not, saying they are using “exotic” animals (yet). Most of the things I have seen and read are different blends of beef, buffalo, lamb, Chicken, turkey or pork, and even ostrich – but the potential of abuse of other animals including horse is there as they try to stand out. It’s just the way of chasing the almighty dollar. We will have to keep vigilant and be aware of that potential.


  1. This is good news. It is actually shocking to read that Congress people care enough to do something besides sit on their hands and whine.


  2. geri – does sound like a slippery slope, huh? Its getting too easy to just “slip in” some horse meat. Have to get the SAFE Act passed!


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