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Sen. Tom Udall adds language to Omnibus Spending Bill to protect wild horses & burros from going to slaughter, for ANY reason

Good news!  We all owe a huge thank you to Sen. Tom Udall, who restored the lost language from The Wild Horse and Burro Act into the Omnibus Spending Bill, which will protect our wild horses and burros from going to slaughter for any reason.  The language in the Omnibus Bill is:

“Appropriations herein made shall not be available for the destruction of healthy, unadopted, wild horses and burros in the care of the Bureau or its contractors or for the sale of wild horses and burros that results in their destruction for processing into commercial products.”


Sen. Tom Udall (D), New Mexico


This Defund language is “The Udall Amendment” to protect the Wild Horses and Burros.  (See pages 714 & 715)

Please take a few moments to send your personal thanks to Sen. Udall for fighting so hard to save our wild horses and burros from going to slaughter.  You can use the form at the bottom left side of this page to send an email, or you can write or call:

Sen. Tom Udall
531 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC, 20510
(202) 224-6621

We’d also like to thank Victoria McCullough and Florida State Senator Joseph Abruzzo for their continuing efforts to stop horse slaughter, and to thank Vice President Biden and congressional leaders for their support.


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  1. I used the form and emailed a thank you. Our wild horses and burros and all of us who have worked so hard for TRUE protection for them are thankful … and all deserve a thank you.

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    • How does that end the wildlife captures of our National Treasure for commercial conversion, sale and adoption? The 80M annual budget should be spent in amending resource management plans in compliance with several mandated laws. Including BLM /State Historic Preservation Offices Programmic Agreements. This is accordance with the 1966 National Historic Preservation Act sec 106.

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  2. Thank Sen. Udall!! Thank you, thank you, thank, a million times over!!! This is wonderful but please defund the BLM and put them out of business forever!! What they’re doing to OUR wild horses and burros will make them extinct in a few years. That isn’t fair to the horses, to us or to future generations. These horses are part of this nations heritage and need to be protected as such! The BLM is systematically destroying them. Please, please make them leave the horses and burros alone and release the 50,000 to 60,000 they are holding in their prison camps and making the taxpayers pay for the upkeep!! Everything about this is wrong!!!! Thank you again for what you have done already and thank you in advance for what you will do to continue our fight to save these wonderful animals!!!!

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  3. God Bless you for standing up and fighting for those who helped make America what it is today, finally someone sees the Horrors and suffering that’s been going on right under the nose of the BLM and employees are making money by knowingly selling Wild Mustangs to a Kill Buyer who took them to Mexico to be slaughtered and she was given a bonus for these Horrific acts. Many who love the Wild horses and believe the land given to them by law is not being taking no being stolen by the Cattle Industry so their Cattle can feed on land that rightfully belongs to the Wild Horses, so many don’t care, their Apathy and Indifference is appalling considering they are supposed to in force the laws that protect our Wild Horses instead they line their pockets with money and take part in the killing and torture of the Horses during these round ups, as Americans they should be stripped of the right to be called that as nothing in their actions show the are Americans when they cause such horrible suffering and many deaths to America’s Iconic Herds. Thank you for fighting for their right to live free on the land given to them by law and hopefully these wild and beautiful Horses and Burros will be around for other Generations to see and enjoy. Please continue to fight for them and know what your doing is not going un-noticed, we will support you in anything you need us for in the way of helping stop their suffering and deaths.


  4. If you care about our Wild Horses then show your support by sending an email and letting those who are fighting with us how much we appreciate what they are doing to help stop the suffering and deaths from the Round-ups. Let them know we do care that they are fighting along side of us.

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  5. This is wonderful news, now if the BLM would follow laws in place to protect them.
    Thank you to Senator Udall for taking this action to help save these wonderful creatures. And all those who work tirelessly to save them everyday.


  6. This is wonderful news, now if the BLM would follow laws in place to protect them.
    Thank you to Senator Udall for taking this action to help save these wonderful creatures. And all those who work tirelessly to save them everyday. I

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  7. This will not stop the roundups and it will not fix the care of the captured wild ones, but it will stop the brutal slaughter and is a step towards restoring the 1971 legislation. Thank you ever so much Senator Udall.

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  8. Thank you Senator Tom Udall and I’m sure forever appreciative of your standing up for these wonderful wild creatures. And thank you to all others who work for their benefit and safety forever from slaughter and exploitation.

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  9. Thank you Senator Udall and all involved! I also want to thank all of those who helped by calling, writing, faxing and just plain bugging their elected officials! I got a nasty phone call from my congressman so it must be working!!!


  10. Senator Udall, thank you for being a voice for Americas Horses and championing this amendment. It returns a bit of dignity to the recent, sad list of cruel events perpetuated against the Wild horses.

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  11. Glad the no slaughter bill has passed, hoping the shipping out of the wild mustangs the Safe Act passes. I did not see anything in the language about the, abroad to slaughter being stopped!


  12. Many thanks Senator Udall!!!
    And may you and your have a very excellent holiday! ! Any chance you could look into getting shelter for the 58,000 wild horses in BLM pens ?


  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Senator Udall and all others involved. Respect, compassion, appreciation, pride, effort, persistence, determination & especially courage is written all over what you have accomplished for the protected wild horses, burros & the citizens of America. The symbol of freedom! I believe that the wild horses & Burros have reached a “tipping point” where if we push hard forward we can stop the extinction of them by “selectively” culling instead of sterilizing them with the birth control method that they have been using. The BLM & Forrestry Service needs to concentrate on good stewardship of the lands that were & are appropriated for the wild horses & burros, not overgrazed by cattle or used for solar energy or mining. Ban the use of helicopters that scare them so bad they run blindly trampling each other, running young foals until they wear their soft hooves completely off, breaking legs & necks when they’re in the catch pen so frightened & trapped that they break their necks trying to get away from what has frightened them so bad. If ANYONE in the public commits abuses such as have been witnessed of the BLM & their employees & contractors they would be prosecuted for animal cruelty! The American public has had enough of witnessing these sickening actions to our wild horses & burros especially since they have given so much for us during the evolution of America. They helped BUILD AMERICA! They deserve to be wild & free, free of harassment. We need to help them as they helped us with minimal impact. Release the 50 to 60 thousand head that are “supposedly” still in captivity if they haven’t already sold them into slaughter & are lying to the American public! The money that it cost the taxpayers to care for them in captivity can be used to better utilize the land & water sources. We need to KEEP THIS IN THE PUBLIC EYE. The more the public is educated as to the cruel abusive treatment that has been bestowed upon them the more people will want to see them treated with respect instead of like a piece of trash. So I would like to respectfully request that you “PLEASE” help them further to be free & most of all at peace from their “human predators”. Desperate times need desperate men. They need us.


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