Feel Good Sunday Cartoon: The Cattle Caliphate

Artistry and Story by Ruben Bolling

“Just a little tongue-in-cheek humor to brighten your day today…thanks to Grandma Gregg for the link!” ~ R.T.



  1. A “right on” cartoon. I can understand how the feds might not want to go into the hornets nest that is Bundyland, but to just let these seditionists come and go as they please, stockpiling supplies and gaining more and more guns and gunners is unacceptable. They will eventually leave, but the Malhuer Refuge will be harmed by their actions. It is a double standard when white men who call themselves “patriots” are allowed to do this than when Native Americans protest the same thing. Time to put up or just shut the hell up DOI and BLM. Horses and Indians are much easier to crush than idiots like the Bundy’s, aren’t they?


    • Lest we forget, Leonard Peltier is still rotting in jail. Please everyone look up his story if you are not aware of it. The only difference is two armed government agents were killed, but it has never been established by whom. Leonard was the fall guy. He’s old and ill now, so one can hope President Obama will find some decency and let him out to go home and die.


  2. close access to the road so they can not come and go and shut off the utilities. if any other citizens, regardless of race and color, had done this we would have been arrested, removed and tossed in jail within the first 24 hours

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    • Just exactly WHY are these “protesters” allowed to come & go – how hard can it be to shut off the utilities – even if you have to go there to do it! Giving these jerks access to the media – letting them use the vehicles that are government owned? Storm Dancer is right – if anyone else had done this – this “protest” would have been stopped in a day!

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  3. I agree wholeheartedly with both the comments. Look at the way they treat the native Americans and the way they treat the advocates for the horses. WTF is wrong with this picture. How the hell can they justify allowing these terrorists to just take whatever the hell they feel like taking. Stomp them out. Enlighten is enough already. Just because they are white doesn’t give them special rights over and above everybody else.


  4. Notice…No BLM swat team, NO armed militia and certainly no major media coverage…while some of the last of America’s Wild Burros were removed from the Mojave Desert during the BLM Cibola Trigo roundup

    Two arrested during BLM burro roundup
    Posted: Jun 14, 2012

    TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now)

    Two people were arrested during a burro roundup taking place in the Cibola Trigo herd management area, 20 miles outside of Yuma.

    An independent journalist and a woman in her 70’s who was observing the event were taken into custody by BLM officials.

    It happened on Sunday afternoon. Here is a statement about the incident released to Tucson News Now by a BLM spokeswoman from the Arizona state office.

    Carl Mrozek spoke to Tucson News Now about the arrest. Mrozek was there to film a documentary about burros. It started out as in interest in the animal, but the interest
    grew as he observed roundups taking place throughout the country, and noticed
    the numbers of burros out in the wild rapidly declining.

    A video Mrozek shot in 2009 in the California desert raised a public outcry. The video
    showed a contracted BLM pilot chasing a burro in the desert, causing it to collapse.

    Mrozek said their view was obstructed by a line of trucks. He noticed an older woman step around the line to get a closer look at the action, when BLM officials approached her and took her into custody.

    He started filming the arrest. That’s when Mrozek said two BLM officials approached him and asked him to speak to them.

    Mrozek said they suddenly jumped on him and started putting hand cuffs on him.

    “A couple of them seized my arms, it seemed like they wanted to break my arms,” said Mrozek.

    He kept asking them if he was being arrested. He said the men said they did not know, and told him to “just relax.”

    “I felt like the burro. I had no rights. I was under the control of the posse of
    men with machines and guns. I felt like one of the burros,” said Mrozek.

    He said the officials then put him in the back of a pick-up truck, he was crouched in a
    back seat with his hands still cuffed behind his back.

    Mrozek said he sat there for a long time. He says it was over an hour, when he started to feel hot and faint.

    “I started feeling light headed and fainted. At one point when I woke up I had
    trouble breathing. My circulation was bad. It was 103 degrees outside, we were parked in the sun for over an hour. It was unpleasant, very unpleasant.

    Mrozek said he had to be taken to the hospital, where he was given fluids and treated for heat exhaustion.

    Mrozek said BLM officials returned his camera to him, but he noticed his microchip and all of the footage he had shot that day was missing.

    The footage included video of the roundup from Sunday, along with video of the
    arrest and confrontation with BLM officials.

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    • I remember reading about this at the time. What a difference in the way wild horse & burro advocates are treated (always unarmed!), the native americans (its a crime the way they have been treated) and letting these yahoos do whatever they want! These people are whining about having to pay a piddly amount to graze livestock – all the while collecting subsidies & giving us (taxpayers) the gift of having to make up what the grazing program actually costs! Do we honestly think WE would be allowed to move into a government facility & yammer at the media (THATS another story) use government vehicles, tear down fences and on and on. Frankly the simple answer would be to keep the media out – wonder how long they would last if they didnt get the publicity!

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  5. I found this article interesting…

    “Outspoken Critic of Wild Horses

    Ranch Manager Davies is the spokesman for the grass fed welfare ranching “natural” beef consortium. He has also been an outspoken critic of wild horses as competitors for forage coveted by the wealthy ranch on BLM public lands.

    Citing the imbalance between subsidized cattle grazing and wild horses on Oregon BLM lands, wild horse advocacy groups this winter called on Whole Foods to drop sale of “grass fed” beef in the wake of the Beattys Butte round up.

    The beef consortium includes Roaring Springs.

    “Several members of the Grazing Association supply beef to Country Natural Beef, a Burns, Ore. supplier to Whole Foods. These ranches include Roaring Springs Ranch, the Fitzgerald Group, Fitzgerald Ranch and Otley Brothers Ranch.

    Stacy Davies, the head of the Beatys Butte Grazing Association is also the marketing director for Country Natural Beef (CNB) …”.

    “Reasonable Rancher”

    Davies has also been courted by some conservation groups, seeking an “in” with Cattlemen and politicians to further an agenda of Wilderness deals and ingratiate themselves with some elected officials. He has appeared on panels at PIELC in Eugene and other conferences and meetings extolling widespread taxpayer-subsidized western juniper deforestation

    The Roaring Springs Ranch Sanders cattle barons, like the Treetop Ranch Williams cattle barons, have an immense ecological footprint across the high desert sagebrush sea that affects the well-being of public lands, waters, and wildlife habitats. Their herds impact sage-grouse, rare trout and biodiversity in stunning high desert landscapes to a disproportionate degree.

    Their cattle are part of a “climate disaster”. Finally, after years of deafening silence in media, the damaging impact of “grass fed beef” grazing, in the context of climate change, is garnering new attention.

    See https://www.chathamhouse.org/; http://grist.org


    Reporting on Malheur Refuge has taken at face value rancher and Ammon Bundy complaints about Malheur Refuge blocking cattle grazing. In fact, large areas of the Refuge are grazed, under winter hay rake grazing, or what the refuge plan terms “highly prescriptive” summer grazing. Hay is also cut and removed by Harney ranchers under various leases.


    Truck hauling hay for cattle off Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

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  6. Like I have said before the BLM is just one part of a very corrupt government. The politicians in office except a very few fall into this category that includes plenty in the states as well. What ever the BLM land in the states will be used for mining, fracking or other the politicians in the states will make themselves rich on the kickbacks. All the while telling the taxpayers this will help them as well.

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  7. I don’t understand, like commented before, why are they allowed to do this. Is it because they have guns? If I took over a federal building with a gun, a sharpshooter would have taken me out with a head shoot in the first day!

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  8. You have got that right Dee21701. The BLM will hardly allow anyone to watch any of the roundups anymore sighting “some one getting hurt” which is a load of BS. You wonder too just who is the owner of Public Lands anymore its sure not the Public, you wonder too just when did Public Land become the private property of the US Government to do with as they please?

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  9. Just saw this: http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/action/events/#refugerally

    Rally in Support of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Public Lands
    January 19, 2016
    Portland and Eugene, Oregon

    Public rallies supporting Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and public lands will be held across Oregon at noon on Tuesday, Jan. 19, with the Center present at the Portland and Eugene events.

    These rallies are being held to express appreciation for national public lands; their public-servant caretakers; and the positive collaborative efforts among refuge officials, ranchers, environmentalists and American Indians that have been taking place at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for a decade. Speakers will highlight the importance of protecting special places — like the Malheur refuge — that provide critical wildlife habitat, clean water, climate change mitigation and recreational opportunities as a benefit to all Americans.

    Events are listed below, with details and more events across the state currently being planned.

    Because of the volatile situation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, public lands supporters are strongly discouraged from visiting Harney County at this time.

    These events will take place at noon unless otherwise specified:

    Holladay Park, NE 11th Ave.
    Center contact:
    Tierra Curry, (928) 522-3681, tcurry@biologicaldiversity.org

    Old Federal Building, 211 E. 7th Ave.
    Center contact:
    Jared Margolis, (802) 310-4054, jmargolis@biologicaldiversity.org
    Riverfront Plaza, Brooks St.

    La Grande
    Pro-Public Lands Potluck, 105 Fir St., Suite #327

    Participants are encouraged to RSVP to receive up-to-date event information, as well as to follow the conversation using the tag #RefugeRally. RSVP by joining the event on Facebook.


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