By Grandma Gregg

Why do we have to constantly follow and watch and challenge the BLM Wild Horse and Burro “management” program?

Because they lie about the wild horses and apparently have done so all along – at least even since the 1971 WH&B Act went into effect. BLM has been telling lies for so long and using their false propaganda for so long that they wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them squarely between the eyes.  This time, I am specifically referring to the “Beaver County Times” news article of December 18, 1976, by Larry Wood.

The article states that “from February 1973 to December 1976 [four foaling seasons] herds roaming on BLM lands in Northeastern California and Northwestern Nevada have grown from approximately 1,500 animals to the approximately 4,500 animals that are there now.” [1976]

I found this increase quite unbelievable so I decided to do a little quick math of my own.  In order for 1,500 wild horses to multiply to 4,500 wild horses in four foaling seasons the annual population increase would have to be about 32% and not a single foal or yearling or adult or old horse could ever die and pretty much every single mare over the age of yearling would have to successfully give birth every single year with no mortality at all.  Of course, we know this is impossible and this is not how Mother Nature functions in the wild.

As we know from recent research, the average foaling rate for wild horses may be about 20% but what BLM refuses to admit is that only about half of the foals even survive to become yearlings – and therefore not of reproduction age.  Then when mortality is factored in, the actual annual wild horse herd increase is only about 5% annually.  Burro populations have been shown to be even less than wild horses, giving an annual wild burro herd increase of only about 3% annually.

So if we ever think for a minute that we can believe the lies and propaganda being spewed by BLM about our wild horses and wild burros – THINK AGAIN!

1976 News Article:


  1. Grandma Gregg, we all know it’s our out of control government – every – bit of the government, this article about Wildlife services says it all, just add BLM to the article — rogue agency – incapable of reforming itself.
    What can we do? Nothing has worked so far. I wish I knew.



  2. This article seems to have disappeared from the website where it was originally posted, but I think Dr. Marini will not mind it being reposted here.


    Noted Humanitarian Dr, Ann Marini Catches BLM in Lies With Photo Evidence
    October 8, 2014

    Dear Mr. Lucero,

    Several years ago, I requested information about the rationale and sound science regarding the Calico wild horse round-up. I sent this letter to my Senator, Senator Barbara Mikulski. Senator Mikulski, in turn, sent my letter to Bob Abbey, the director of the Wild Horse and Burro program at the BLM at the time. Mr. Abbey sent me a letter stating that the reason for the round-up was because the wild horses were starving and emaciated. Unbeknownst to Mr. Abbey, I had a friend who was in close proximity to the short-term holding facility for this round-up. He took many photos of the wild horses from that cruel round-up where many horses died; two foals who were captured on video and couldn’t walk because their hooves were in the process of sloughing off also died from the helicopter-induced stampede over long distances of treacherous volcanic rock. I had all of the photos processed and blown up to 8.5 x 11 so all of the horses (about 100 in total) could be clearly seen. All of the horses were healthy and none were emaciated or starving.

    Just a short summary about my background. I received my Ph.D. degree in Medical Biochemistry from Georgetown University and received my M.D. from the same institution. I am a physician-scientist and have been conducting scientific research since the late 70’s. I do know the basic principles of sound science and I certainly know the difference between lies and the truth. To get at the truth of course, the reporter would have to do a serious investigation into the BLM propaganda and the newspaper would have to commit some serious resources to discover the truth.
    The fact is that the BLM doesn’t know how many wild horses there are on public land and because they don’t know the true number of wild horses on public land, there is no way for them to conclude that there are “excess” wild horses which is one criteria for possible round-up.

    A serious effort of acquiring a broad factual knowledge base (background and current information) would lead one to question the integrity and real intent of the Wild Horse and Burro Program at the BLM. This is an important point because the BLM will do anything and everything to dupe all of us silly Americans who don’t know anything about horses or science.

    If the New York Times believes everything they read and/or obtain from the BLM about the wild horse and burro program, the paper will be hopelessly duped. The facts are that horses are emotional animals and helicopters terrorize them and induce a huge stress response. The fact is that the BLM has consistently REMOVED public land over the years that you and I as taxpapers provide to the wild horses and burros that has amounted to over 19 million acres. There was never any explanation from the BLM. The land just disappeared from the original map where wild horses were allowed to roam free. The fact is that Congress designated that public land was given to wild horses and burros wherever wild horses were found. The BLM is continuing to remove public land, land that all Americans pay to allow the wild horses to live on with their families. The fact is that there are 100 cows to 1 wild horse despite the fact that it is only a privilege for welfare ranchers to graze their cattle on public land. So, why is it that the BLM leases public land to ranchers to graze 1 million cows but whatever number of wild horses (I seriously doubt 40,000 as there are more in long-term holding than free on the range) that are roaming free on public land is too many (Remember, Congress passed the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971 which allowed wild horses and burros to roam free on public land and live out their lives with their families)? The fact is that the National Academy of Sciences report urged the BLM to conduct a formal and accurate count of the wild horses on public land. Has the BLM made the effort to accurately count the number of wild horses on public land? The fact is that the National Academy of Sciences indicated in their report that when you remove horses from a parcel of land, there are fewer horses and the horses will reproduce at a higher rate. Has the BLM used this sound science to manage the wild horses? No, it is business as usual….round them up and eradicate them off the face of the Earth.

    Let’s remember that there are 248 million acres of public land. Surely, the BLM can think “outside the box” and manage these icons of American heritage and freedom on public land, land that was designed to them by an act of Congress.

    Select publications (out of 70):
    Hu Z, Yu D, Almeida-Suhett C, Tu K, Marini A, Eiden L, Braga M, Zhu J, Li Z. 2012 Expression of miRNAs and Their Cooperative Regulation of The Pathophysiology in Traumatic Brain Injury. PLoS One 7(6):e39357
    Pan H, Hu X-z, Jacobowitz DM, Chen C, McDonough J, Van Shura K, Lyman M, Marini AM. 2012 Alpha-linolenic acid is a potent neuroprotective agent against soman-induced neuropathology. Neurotoxicology, 33:1219-1229.
    Lilja AM, Luo Y, Yu Q-s, Röjdner J, Li Y, Marini AM, Marutle A, Nordberg A, Greig NH. 2013 Neurotrophic and neuroprotective actions of (-)- and (+)-phenserine, candidate drugs for Alzheimer’s disease. PLoS One, 8(1):e54887.
    Martinez-Llordella M, Esensten JH, Bailey-Bucktrout SL, Lipsky RH, Marini A, Chen J, Mughal M, Mattson MP, Taub DD, Bluestone JA. 2013 CD28-inducible transcription factor DEC1 is required for efficient autoreactive CD4+ T cell response. J Experimental Med 210:1603-1619.
    Almeida-Suhett CP, Zheng L, Marini AM, Braga MFM, Eiden LE. 2014 Temporal course of changes in gene expression suggests a cytokine-related mechanism for long-term hippocampal alteration after controlled cortical impact. J Neurotrauma, 31(7):683-690.
    Almeida-Suhett CP, Prager E, Pidoplichko V, Figueiredo T, Marini AM, Li Z, Eiden L, Braga MFM. 2014 Reduced Gabaergic inhibition in the Basolateral Amygdala and the development of anxiety-like behavior after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. PLoS One, 9(7):e102627
    Chen J, Pan H, Chen C, Wu W, Iskandar K, He J, Piermartiri T, Jacobowitz DM, Yu Q-S, McDonough JF, Greig NH, Marini AM. (-)-Phenserine attenuates soman-induced neuropathology. PLoS One, 9(6):e99818.

    Kind regards,
    Ann M. Marini, Ph.D., M.D

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  3. Many thanks to everybody with all of this information. As geri said,” What can we do?” There should have been a Congressional investigation of the DOI/BLM years ago but even the IG does nothing .The general public believes the BLM lies even though people are fed up with our government to the point I fear things may get even worse .


  4. Probe of Wild Horse Slaughter Derailed
    “Babbitt thought it might cause problems and he didn’t want any controversy, he didn’t want to make anybody unhappy, and so this program just festered,” Baca said. “When they wanted me to leave BLM, that was one of the reasons they gave me: ‘Why the hell are you raising problems about horses

    Efforts to indict Bureau of Land Management officials last year were stymied and case was closed after intervention from Washington, grand jury documents indicate. Prosecutor and foreman protested.

    DEL RIO, Texas – A federal grand jury has collected evidence that shows U.S. government officials allowed the slaughter of hundreds of wild horses taken from federal lands, falsified records and tried to prevent investigators from uncovering the truth.

    The chief prosecutor and grand jury foreman in the investigation wanted to bring criminal indictments against officials of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, but the case was closed last summer after federal officials in Washington–including officials outside the investigation–intervened.
    “I believe that my investigation was obstructed all along by persons within the BLM because they did not want to be embarrassed,” the prosecutor, Alia Ludlum, wrote in a memo last summer. “I think there is a terrible problem with the program and with government agents placing themselves above the law.”

    Ludlum’s memo is among thousands of pages of grand jury documents in the case obtained by Associated Press. Those documents also show that the grand jury foreman was incensed that federal officials were blocking the investigation, and that his requests to indict them were ignored.
    Ludlum, 35, formerly an assistant U.S. attorney, is now a federal magistrate at the courthouse in Del Rio, which serves West Texas. She refused to be interviewed for this story, but she acknowledged the authenticity of documents obtained by AP.
    Spokesmen for the departments of Justice and the Interior denied that their agencies did anything wrong, but they refused to answer questions. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, who oversees the BLM and by law is responsible for protecting wild horses, refused to be interviewed.

    Wild horses and burros, which compete with domestic cattle for forage, have been protected by federal law for 25 years. The BLM decides how many animals can survive on public lands, rounds up the excess animals and lets people adopt them for about $125 apiece. After a year, an adopter can receive a title to an animal, if the BLM finds the animal is receiving proper care.

    The law says it is a crime to kill a wild horse or burro taken from public land. It prohibits anyone who adopts one of the animals from selling it for slaughter.
    Ludlum wanted to indict BLM officials for allowing horses to be slaughtered.
    Recent AP investigations have found that thousands of the horses are eventually sold for slaughter, and that the whereabouts of tens of thousands of adopted but never titled animals are unknown. The BLM has attacked the AP’s reports, saying its investigations show that slaughter “is occurring to a far, far lesser degree than was alleged.”

    Babbitt refused to be interviewed, but the last person to serve as his chief at BLM said Babbitt has known all about problems in the wild horse program for a long time.
    Jim Baca, who quit as BLM director in 1994 after a falling out with Babbitt, said in an interview that he discovered the program was in turmoil and wanted to take steps to correct it.

    He said Babbitt told him to back off. “The orders were: ‘Don’t make waves; we’ve got enough problems,’ ” Baca said, adding that his efforts to shake up the program went nowhere.

    “Babbitt thought it might cause problems and he didn’t want any controversy, he didn’t want to make anybody unhappy, and so this program just festered,” Baca said. “When they wanted me to leave BLM, that was one of the reasons they gave me: ‘Why the hell are you raising problems about horses?’ ”

    At the time, Babbitt attributed Baca’s departure to “different approaches to management style and consensus building.” Meanwhile, the federal investigation in Texas had begun.

    Records show that the grand jury saw evidence and heard testimony that:
    * BLM agents placed 550 horses with dozens of people who were told they could do as they wished with the animals after a year, including sell them for slaughter to make money, which is against the law.
    * The BLM ignored its own regulations and gave the Choctaw Indian Nation 29 newly born, unbranded colts to sell so the tribe could raise cash to pay the BLM for a mass adoption of 115 wild horses, which is against the law.
    * A Texas BLM compliance officer, Don Galloway, arranged to keep 36 horses for himself and told two undercover investigators he planned to sell them for slaughter, which is against the law.
    * BLM managers pressured employees not to talk to investigators. In one case, a BLM district manager tipped off the subject of a search warrant that law enforcement agents were about to visit his house, which is against the law.
    * BLM officials falsified adoption documents and falsified computer records of brand-identification numbers used to track adopted animals, which is against the law.
    “We want these charges filed, and we want to be notified of what was done, regardless of who these people are, please, ma’am,” the grand jury foreman told Ludlum, according to transcripts.


  5. From PEER (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility)
    Anatomy of a Coverup within the BLM (April 1997)
    Horses to Slaughter Anatomy of a Coverup within the BLM (April 1997)

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) within the Department of Interior is the agency mandated by law “to protect and manage wild free-roaming horses…as components of the public lands.” Yet, the BLM has tolerated and in some instances facilitated the routine and illegal trafficking of wild horses to slaughter. The agency has obstructed efforts by its own law enforcement officers to expose commercial theft of wild horses, fraudulent adoption schemes and fictitious “sanctuary” herds not only to avoid embarrassment but also to maintain the flow of horses off the range


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