Feel Good Sunday: Escaped ‘Unicorn’ Evades Police for Hours

Source: CoastToCoastAM

“Ya gotta love it!” ~ R.T.

Police near Fresno, California were faced with a particularly tough suspect when they tried to locate a pony that had escaped from a children’s party while ‘dressed’ as a unicorn.

The centerpiece of a fairy tail-themed event, the diminutive creature named Juliette somehow scampered away from her handler and took off into the street.

Proving to be just as elusive as a real unicorn, police eventually needed a helicopter and thermal imaging technology to find the rogue pony after spending hours searching for her.

While we can only speculate as to Juliette’s motive for running away, a likely factor may have been the desire to find someone who would take that annoying horn off of her head!


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