Ethical questions around horse cloning examined by British specialist



“Concerns about the health and welfare of recipient animals gestating and giving birth to clones and about the short, medium and long-term health and welfare of cloned farm animals provide compelling reasons to consider cloning unethical on cost-benefit grounds.”

A widely recognised specialist in animal welfare science and ethics has raised questions around the cloning of horses.

Dr Madeleine Campbell, an honorary lecturer with London’s Royal Veterinary College, discusses a series of issues around horse cloning in a review published online this week in the journal, Equine Veterinary Education. Her piece is entitled, “Is cloning horses ethical?”

Campbell qualified as a vet from the college in 1996 and completed a doctorate in equine reproduction in 2003. She completed a masters degree in medical ethics and law in 2012 and was this year recognised as a European specialist in animal welfare science, ethics and law by the European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine.

Read the rest of this story HERE.


  1. Everything humans do comes down to the ethical question of ‘if it is unethical to do to ourselves, why is it ok to do it to other living things?’ The answer that we do all kinds of things to other creatures because ‘they are not human’ is not good enough of an answer. We did unspeakable things to other human beings too, with the same rationale, ‘because they are not human’. Perhaps, in time, our sense of ethics will become more inclusive to all living things? Hopefully before they all go extinct.

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    • I agree – wholeheartedly. Left a comment on the original article – wonder if it will be shown (hasn’t been yet).


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