Senate passes amendment to save the Corolla wild horses

Source:  The News Hearld

“At least one Wild Horse Herd has won a battle and hopes for continued existence in the United States.” ~ R.T.

WASHINGTON – North Carolina has passed a law to protect the wild horses at the Outer Banks.

Both Burr and Tillis spoke in support of the amendment on the Senate floor.
Both Burr and Tillis spoke in support of the amendment on the Senate floor.

The Senate approved the Corolla Wild Horse Protection Act, an amendment sponsored by Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) and Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC). The amendment takes actions to ensure the genetic diversity and viability of the herd so that these horses are not lost forever. The amendment also allows the Corolla Wild Horse Fund to manage the herd at no cost to taxpayers. The amendment passed by voice vote on April 19, according to a press release from Burr’s office.

“I’m glad the Senate approved this amendment,” he said. “The Corolla Wild Horses have lived on North Carolina’s shores for centuries and are an iconic part of the Outer Banks community. The passage of this amendment preserves an important piece of North Carolina’s heritage and will allow the Corolla horses to delight locals and visitors for years to come.”

Tillis also said he was happy the Senate had voted to pass the protective act.

“I’m pleased that the Senate unanimously approved our amendment to help save North Carolina’s Corolla Wild Horses,” Tillis said. “Many people who have vacationed in North Carolina remember the days when these majestic horses could be sighted on our beautiful beaches, and our amendment will play an important part in ensuring future generations of Americans have their own opportunity to see the Corolla Wild Horses.”

Both Burr and Tillis spoke in support of the amendment on the Senate floor.

Karen McCalpin, Executive Director of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, said she hopes the act will provide a brighter outlook for the future of the horses.

“I have had to watch the agonizing genetic decline of these historic horses escalate over the last ten years,” she said. “Senators Burr and Tillis have saved one the oldest and rarest strains of Colonial Spanish Mustangs in the world. These horses are beloved by hundreds of thousands of people all across America. We are so grateful to Senator Burr and to Senator Tillis for ensuring that these unique horses will be guaranteed a genetically healthy future for generations to come.”

A copy of the amendment is available to read online at


  1. How fortunate our government hasn’t leased out the beach sand to powerful private interests so these horses could be effectively protected by people who care about them and understand tourism is a sustainable industry.


  2. Wonderful. Except these horses have been PZPd and are inbred because of their low population numbers. So much for govt agency interference with our wildlife.


  3. Some one finally woke up enough to same them so many go to see them i can’t even think why they would want to get rid of them, good for the horses and hope this will help them to be healthy again .


  4. The same protection needs to be implemented for the Ft. Polk Wild Horses
    Less than 30 days to let the Army hear from the rest of the country


    Sadly the ARMY has made an announcement
    Fort Polk drafts plan for getting rid of trespass horses


  5. Woohoo I’m so happy to see positive progress supported by our government for at least one pure CSM herd. Thank you so much for your hard work.

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