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Reward Increased in Deaths of 3 Arizona Wild Burros

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  1. Do you honestly think that the BLM investigation is going to yield any results? Those lame asses can pay thousands of dollars the helicopter company that stampede the horses and caused injury and death but can only come off 2500 to find out who did it.. I bet if the truth is known it was one of their cattle buddies..

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    • The reward has been talked about in the local TV and radio news. My bitch is noted in a comment above: the BLM should NOT be the agency investigating this incident! That is absurd! Additionally, the odds are zip that ANY BODY who gives a damn and saw this, or knows something, will come forward.


  2. That Burro more than likely SUFFERED a slow and painful death.
    Animal Cruelty is now a felony and investigated by the FBI as such

    “The BLM’s investigation has determined that one burro had been


    • First you’ve got to find and arrest the bastards. Then the courts have to be willing to slam a harsh sentence. When was the last time any of you remember that happening? Slap on the wrist and minor fine is all we’d see.


        October 18, 2013
        Daniel Young admitted to killing six wild burros but in a plea bargain with BLM, pleaded guilty to shooting one wild burro near his family ranch in mid-Nevada. The wild burros belonged to the citizens of the United States and were federally protected by the unanimously passed Congressional Wild Horse and Burro ACT of 1971. In addition to the six wild burros admittedly killed by Young, numerous other burros have been reportedly shot in this same Hickison/Austin area in past years.
        Although the laws states that “If convicted … the perpetrator may be subject to a fine of up to $2,000 and/or imprisonment for up to one year for each violation”, Young got away with only 1 year probation, a $2000 fine and 100 hours community service as his “punishment”. But the burros are still dead.


  3. This happened 6 years ago.
    The Public is now even more repulsed and outraged by such acts of cruelty, especially when committed against those that can’t fight back or have no voice.

    Nevada men who used wild horses for target practice receive 6-month prison sentences

    RENO, Nev. – A federal judge Wednesday ordered prison time for two men who admitted to using wild horses as target practice but sought leniency, telling them that “drunken and boneheaded is not an excuse” for the crime.

    “I keep thinking about it, and I keep coming back to the senselessness of it,” said U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert McQuaid Jr., who rejected defense lawyers’ plea for probation and sentenced Joshua Keathley and Todd Davis to six months each in prison.

    “I might feel differently if you were 18-year-old kids, but you are not 18,” he said during the hearing in Reno. “You need to have some time to think about it, alone.”
    Assistant U.S. Attorney Sue Fahami had sought a year in prison for each man. She said one of the most “disturbing and “cold-hearted” parts of the crime was the shooters’ total disregard for the animals after they were shot and left to die.

    “Any hunter knows that when you go hunting, you want a clean shot” that kills the animal quickest, said Fahami, a former prosecutor in northeast Nevada’s rural White Pine County.

    The case prompted outrage from horse protection advocates around the world.


  4. For many of us…this is where the fight started 7 years ago

    The Decimation of Cloud’s Herd

    Sadly, the contractor hired by the BLM for the round up of Cloud’s Herd in the Pryor Mountains, is Dave Cattoor, previously convicted of federal charges of illegally running down wild horses and foals in Nevada with a helicopter and selling them for slaughter.

    Cattoor Indictment

    Click to access CattoorIndictment.pdf


    • Good! This was the place where a couple hundred, I believe, Tule Elk were fenced out of getting water and died. These ranchers need to be put in their place.


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