Day: November 6, 2016

Feel Good Sunday: Judge Declares Chimp Has Rights And Must Be Freed From Zoo

“In this current climate of chaos and lack of moral fortitude it is extremely difficult to stay centered, on point and positive about anything, it seems. Election fatigue and fear for the future of this once great country is beset upon all of us and simply laughing at a story about goofy equine antics just might not be enough to snap us out of this funk on Feel Good Sunday, today. So with that being said, we are going to give you something with a little bit of substance to it, something that you can wrap your heart around and perhaps give you a little bit of hope during this most bizarre and unprecedented time.

This story, below, may not have an equine as the principle actor but it most assuredly speaks to the fact that wild animals (including wild horses and burros) are not ‘things’ that can be used and abused at the twisted and perverted discretion of humans (BLM). The reality of animals having the right to live wild and free in their native environments speaks to the very core of what Americans live and die for…freedom. The time for us to practice what we preach is perhaps lone overdue; let’s make a difference.” ~ R.T.

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