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Our guest tonight is ELAINE NASH, Founder and Director of Fleet of Angels, a grassroots movement of horse lovers who own trailers and are willing to help transport equines to safety when their lives are in danger.

Elaine will talk about how all of us can help to get hundreds of wild horses adopted from ISPMB by Nov. 29th, so that many horses won’t be sold at an auction and into the slaughter pipeline.

15036607_10211916579896457_9085751038782961273_n Elaine will also talk about the recent rescue efforts by Fleet of Angels in North Carolina after Hurricane Matthew.

Fleet of Angels provides transportation for evacuating equines from floods, fires, and other natural disasters, organizing post-disaster equine search and rescue missions, coordinating foster care placement, doing equine fencing and facility repair, coordinating hay drive efforts, and offering other services as needed to save, protect, and care for at-risk equines.

Fleet of Angels helped to Keep America’s Wild Equines in America, by helping to find homes & transportation for the 10o wild burros that the BLM had planned to ship to Guatemala to become beasts of burden.

This show will be hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. of Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

To contact us: ppj1@hush.com, or call 320-281-0585

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By Elaine Nash of Fleet of Angels

“Even the newspapers are guessing and publishing wrong numbers…”

Do You Have Room in Your HeartWe’re seeing some funny rumors about how many of the ISPMB horses have been adopted since this effort started on Oct 14. People are watching our pics showing examples of the horses that are available, and counting the ‘Adopted’ comments as their measuring tape- even though only a few of the horses we’ve adopted out have been displayed in pics on the adoption page. Other wild speculations are being made, and there’s a lot of “I heard…” “I read…” “He said…” “She said…” Even the newspapers are guessing and publishing wrong numbers. Well, sorry, but because of the very difficult and usual circumstances at ISPMB, how many horses have left there is really the last thing we’re worried about. If I had to guess, I’d say the number is between 85 and 125 or so, but unless we’re about to run out of horses to adopt out- by some unlikely miracle, it really doesn’t matter, does it. The only number that matters is that there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of horses still available.

Here’s what I can tell you. It is very difficult to find good, SAFE homes for hundreds and hundreds of horses that have never had any handling or training, are in remote SD, and need to go to new homes at the very time of year that more people are parting with horses than acquiring new ones. It is difficult to safely gather, sort, and load horses that have never been gathered, sorted, or loaded. It is difficult and very time consuming to do all of this with the minimal equipment and infrastructure there, along with other logistical challenges. And, we are not allowed to ‘dip into’ some of the herds for horses to adopt out yet. So, that’s why there are still hundreds and hundreds of horses at ISPMB. They’re everywhere you look, and many of them are just beautiful!. We are getting as many as we possibly can- under the circumstances, adopted and transported to good, safe homes. We have applications coming in all the time, but the reality is that there is no way we’ll be able to save all these horses. That’s the most heartbreaking part of this mission. 100% success is not at all likely- but let’s keep getting as many into good homes until the very last minute- which is November 30 at 11:59 PM.

A lot of great people are stepping up to help. Some are offering to adopt, some are helping network the adoption page all over social media, some are helping us find and keep track of who mentioned in a post somewhere that they’re interested in adopting, some are helping do general housekeeping on the page, one true angel is helping locate, review, and approve adoption applications on site at ISPMB- as well as nursing an abandoned foal, and still others are arriving to help sort, load, and transport. Organizations, rescues, alliances, and individuals are all helping however they can. Still, it’s just a fact that we have only a tiny window of opportunity to have their lives saved before they will be driven- terrified, into a sale ring for ‘those who shall not be named’ to buy them and haul them across the border for a nice fat profit- just in time for Christmas.

We appreciate EVERYONE who is helping SO much! If YOU can ADOPT, DONATE to an adoptive rescue, CONTRIBUTE to a fund for portable panels to make sorting and loading faster and smoother, or ANYTHING else, please let me know! The ISPMB horses need you right NOW!

ISPMB Emergency Adoption page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ISPMB.Adoptable.Horses/

Adoption Project Management: www.FleetOfAngels.org
(Not affiliated with ISPMB)

Photo by Barbara Joe Rasmussen
Poster by Wendy Thomson