Robert Redford Signs Petition Urging Outgoing Obama to End Horse Slaughter

Robert Redford, a life-long horse lover, has been publicly against equine slaughter for a long time – which is why we are so honored to have his support for this petition appealing to President Obama and Vice President Biden to end this cruel and unethical practice before they leave office.

In 2013, Redford wrote an eloquent letter for Equine Advocates in support of the American Equine Summit where he clearly stated his reasons as to why horse slaughter should be banned. To read that poignant and heartfelt letter, please click here:

Robert Redford’s life and career are legendary – not just as an award-winning actor, director and founder of the Sundance Film Festival, but also as an environmentalist and humanitarian. As far as we’re concerned, not only is Robert Redford one of our finest actors and filmmakers, but a truly great American.