Update from Elaine Nash as published on Facebook


I want to provide you all with an update, but there are so many moving pieces to this puzzle that it’s hard to provide good, accurate information. There are a lot of rumors flying around, which of course is typical for Facebook. One rumor is that the Sheriff made a side deal with someone in TN and is letting them have all of the horses in exchange for the TN person paying off the small debt of under $25K that Karen Sussman still owes the state. Supposedly, those people will pick up all the horses within the next two weeks. (I wonder if they know that there are dozens of blind horses in one of the herds, and that they panic, spin, fall, and run over people when disrupted. We’ll be sure to have the media there to film the loading of those horses.) Another rumor is that the State Attorney has decided to send all of the horses to auction in late December. Neither of those rumors has been confirmed, and are suspicious on several levels. Still another rumor- delivered by the Sheriff directly to our team that’s on site at ISPMB is that NO horses will be allowed off the property after midnight tonight- adopted or not. That seems odd, since some adopters have already been issued bills of sale, so ISPMB is no longer the owner of those horses. We have been told from the time I accepted the State Attorney’s request to create and manage an adoption campaign that preventing the slaughter of the horses was the goal. I hope he remembers his pledge to me about that.

After weeks of working behind the scenes to get it put together, Fleet of Angels and our partner organizations have a terrific proposal on the table that would save every horse from slaughter. We have enough adoption applications in hand now to get every adoptable horse to a good home, and we have a truly wonderful program in place for some of the herds to live in a horse-perfect sanctuary in peace for the rest of their lives.

We will let everyone know as soon as we hear from our attorneys, who are in meetings on our behalf.

I want to thank EVERYONE of you who has worked to help us help the ISPMB horses. We don’t yet have an exact number of horses that have escaped the deadly fate so hoped for by some human monsters, but even if we don’t achieve the hoped for result for every horse, we will still have saved over 200 of the ISPMB horses from the worst possible fate.

This is still a situation in progress. No answers for questions until we have definitive answers for you. In the meantime, please don’t believe every Facebook rumor you read.