Day: November 29, 2016

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, now it is ‘Wild Horse Wednesday®’

You have survived Black Friday, you endured Cyber Monday and generously donated on Giving Tuesday, which is a noble cause that we participate in, but Wild Horse Freedom Federation is highlighting our federally registered trademark “Wild Horse Wednesdays” with a promotion to move and distribute our stunning Wild Horse Calendars produced by our own Carol Walker, one of the world’s most renowned wild equine photographers.

We are not asking for something for nothing; instead we are marketing our annual calendars from which the funds go to fighting the legal battle to keep our wild horses and burros on their rightful range.

Please, click (HERE) today and next year grace your walls with Carol’s portrait quality wild horse photos while knowing that your funds are actively working to keep our wild equines wild.

Thanks for your continued help and support.

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