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TO SIGN, PLEASE CLICK HERE: https://www.change.org/p/barack-obama-obama-biden-end-the-slaughter-of-america-s-horses?recruiter=168695384&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=share_email_responsive

chevychasemar10One of America’s most beloved comedians and actors, Chevy Chase has signed this petition urging President Obama and Vice President Biden to end the slaughter of America’s wild and domestic equines as part of their legacy. We love Chevy’s performances on television and in film, and his hilarious appearances as one of the original cast members of Saturday Night Live which debuted in 1975. Chevy, his wife, Jayni and their children are all avid horse lovers. We thank them for their support of this petition and hope you will be inspired by them to help gather more signatures in the final stages of this petition drive.

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  1. Thank you Chevy Chase! You are a good man, and we need more citizens like you! Our wild horses were given their own land by Congress, but a corrupt government has allowed The Bureau of Land Management to run them off their land by helicopters, killing, maiming, starving and destroying them, along with the helpless Burros. For years we have watched the cruel abuse of our horses, and have seen them auctioned to abusers who starved and mistreated them, and who even had them slaughtered.

    Our tax money has supported the vile BLM. That government agency should be shut down, and we need dedicated and intelligent persons to oversee and protect the horses on their own land!


  2. Thank You so much Chevy Chase. If you know Bruce Springsteen can you please talk to him about doing a benefit concert for the horses. I have tried over and over again to reach him; and failed. I even threw a packet on the stage with all the talking points related to the horses and their fate. Unfortunately it fell into the pit and a roadie picked it up. I asked him to give it to Bruce; but I don’t think that he did. Thank you again, Chevy Chase, for signing on; and being part of the rescue of all our wild horses and burros.


    • I love your resourcefulness! It might be easier to reach Bruce’s daughter, Jessica, who’s an equestrian. She’s a show jumping champion, so if any advocates will be at a national show, bring along a copy of the petition and some info on wild horses to try to give to her.


  3. it amazes me – an abused dog gets 150,000 signatures, and this one to stop horse slaughter isn’t even up to 20,000 – what is wrong with people??? geeeezzzzz do they not understand the seriousness of this situation with our horses???? Why isn’t the situation with the wild horses in the news??? Even FOX doesn’t mention it 😦


    • This needs posted over the next two weeks on every comment section of every horse related article you see. People need to see it. Over Christmas Vacation I am going to go crazy posting it everywhere! More signatures come from more exposure

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  4. Every star that signs I have bought everything they have done! Watching Christmas Vacation Right Now! Seriously the actors and singers that I have admired I support them too because they care enough to sign and stand strong with Horse people. After all doesnt the US in USA stand for us working together.


  5. The Prairie Dogs did it…so can the Horses

    The goal for this petition is 100,000 signatures. Send it to every organization that you know and ask them to help circulate it. There isn’t much time left

    This petition to save Prairie Dogs has received almost 100,000 signatures.
    Allthough it has been in circulation for a while, it did gain a lot of signatures in a short time.

    98,302 SUPPORTERS
    “Why are they trying to kill us? Boulder City Council, please save our colony!”
    by: Prairie Protection Colorado
    target: City Council

    URGENT: A kill permit has been filed with the City of Boulder that will grant a developer, on what is called the “Armory” property, the permission to annihilate a beautiful colony of prairie dogs this coming fall. The excuse for this atrocity is that there is nowhere for them to go!

    We are asking the City of Boulder to open up 10 acres of our public land for these prairie dogs. Currently, 45,000 acres are set aside as Open Space and Mountain Parks to help preserve wildlife habitat.

    We want the Open Space grasslands to teem with the native plants and the many threatened and endangered animals that depend on the prairie dog, a keystone species, for survival. City of Boulder, reassess your priorities for how these grasslands are managed and open up 10 acres for this beloved colony!

    You can help! The survival of these beautiful prairie dogs depends on your actions! Please sign now to let the City of Boulder know this colony must be relocated as soon as possible onto City Open Space grasslands!

    UPDATE: The City of Boulder and the Armory developer have agreed to move the Prairie Dogs to city owned land!!! We need to keep the attention focused on the details, because the agreement hasn’t been finalized yet, but this is an amazing step, and due to your hard work!!!


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