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ISPMB Wild Horse Auction Cancelled

15390821_10212255423047324_8756691103646102791_nDetails to follow when avaiable!

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  1. I just sent over contract language derived from west coast hoarding seizures where capable NGOs became agents for the counties, giving them authority to take necessary actions but relieving the counties of liability and financial obligations. If those boiler plates fit under SD law, then the S.O. and County could impose a solution. I would expect that similar language may be being provided by players in other states so the County’s legal staff would have a few established concepts to work from.

    A recurrent problem with hoarders is that they almost always drag things out endlessly. Often the only practical alternative to a sale involves having an agreement in place that authorizes NGO action and also relieves the government agencies involved of both the liability and costs associated with those actions.

    This is a tried and true approach when an entity or entities are willing to get involved that clearly have the financial and logistical means to resolve such matters humanely and effectively.


  2. Great news – but the time they will be closed is the time most people have off so could come pick up horses. Are new adoption applications being taken or can only those approved by Dec. 1 be picked up? Hopefully Karen will not be “helping” load horses and folks who are there will post videos of horses, conditions, and any interference.


  3. Heard a rumour that there was a $100,000 donation to assist. Can’t confirm this yet. Also the weather/blizzard conditions and the Holidays make logical sense to take a break. Hoping for the best for the wild ones, especially the blind horses… Still waiting to hear about why so many of these mustangs are blind. Christmas Miracle is right! A reprieve from impending doomsday for the many that will be “at risk” for slaughter at any auction. Just saw a beautiful 6 yr old BLM Mustang Makeover mare in a Peabody, Kansas kill pen. 100 days of training equals a green horse that was adopted for a green rider in June 2016. Passed through a couple of owners and wound up in the kill pen. Apparently the BLM Freeze Brand had been covered with tar on this dark bay mustang mare to hide it. Another reason to #KeepWildHorsesWild. Fundraising is still going on to raise her $650 bail, QT and transport to safety. https://www.youcaring.com/whiskeyridgerescue-716568

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    • Such a lovely looking mare – it appears the funds will be there to get her out of that place & into safety. Does no good to say this – but covering the brand?

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      • Just makes me shudder as so many of these ISPMB adopted horses will also probably end up in kill pens. We have too many domestic horses being dumped and many of those are well broke. Most adopters don’t have the skills, patience to train a mustang or the money to hire a trainer. This Extremene Mustang Makeover mare is a prime example. It is just not logical for the BLM, USFS and other government agencies to continue removing wild horses from the wild….


      • Super to see this – 21 people stepped up and in a short time pulled this horse from danger. The internet can be a truly powerful force for good if we use it that way.

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  4. Good News, YAY! Thank the Gods and all the good people. My mare was rounded up by BLM as a 2 year old. She’s almost 19 now, always healthy, easy keeper, strong legs & hooves of steel. She Loves people. Best horse, smartest I’ve ever known over my entire life. If you have the space & time- please adopt, you won’t EVER be sorry.

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