Equine Rescue

Life-Saving Adoption Program for ISPMB Wild Horses Takes a Break

Information supplied by Elaine Nash

“The adoption campaign will resume after the holidays”

15326583_10212107200381850_3486444747550365876_nThe Fleet of Angels adoption program underway on behalf of the ISPMB horses is winding down for the holidays over the next few days. In spite of the extreme cold today (-39 degrees chill factor), 11 horses left for Colorado, Arizona, and California with Janna Lasher and Matt Clifton. Four stallions will be heading for Florida tomorrow with Jan and Aly Chapman, and four more horses are going to Wisconsin with Alexia Gannon early next week. Then, Palomino and Matt Armstrong– who have provided critical help with the gathering, sorting and loading of adopted ISMPB horses for almost six weeks, will load up five more of the horses adopted by their own rescue, and will head for Nevada to spend some WELL deserved time off with their family for Christmas. An estimated 250 horses have been adopted since this campaign was launched by FOA in mid-October.

The adoption campaign will resume after the holidays. The restart date will be announced. In the meantime, the ISPMB horses are safe from auction, and will continue to be fed by the counties.

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  1. Wonderful news. Thank you so much to everyone who has facilitated the adoption and transport of over 200 horses to safety. It makes ne happy in my heart to know there are so many kind and giving souls willing to give these horses new homes and better lives.

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  2. Many good wishes for all and a safe trip knowing of the terrible conditions mother nature bestowed the area. The horses don’t know that their lives were saved by the goodness of the rescuers hearts and all of us wishing for their safety. Thank you to all.

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  3. Black Hills Sanctuary needs everyones help at this point! They lost 2 barns & all their meds from the fire a couple nights ago. This is a sanctuary that has done everything right!!! I hope & pray people will be able to help them get the buildings re-built – one was for horses that had medical problems. Horrible time of year and between the weather & ISPMB – really rough..


    • Do they have insurance to cover losses from fire, etc.? I know there can be a BIG lag between losing these items and reimbursement (hence the need for donations is very real and immediate) but if they have insurance it will eventually provide them with some money. If they don’t – they should. It’s tempting fate not to have insurance against fire, loss and damages.

      I would imagine that it was declared an accident by the fire marshal and that will speed up the insurance company releasing funds.

      In the meantime, do they have some sort of campaign set up for their immediate needs?


      • I sent a check yesterday & received a thank you today. I have no idea regarding the insurance, but this is a well-run rescue, so would think they do. Nothing said as to how the fire started on their site, but if you go to the site – it would tell you what to do. As I have said before – this sanctuary has been doing the right thing! Sadly not all of them do – as we have found out!

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      • They may be able to get a pre-built shed or sheds delivered ASAP, these can be leased or rented in many instances, and come in all sizes etc. There are quite a few of these companies in CO, some run by Mennonites, so SD surely has some as well? Some I’ve looked into are pretty reasonable, where you can pay 10% a month of the total price, for 12 months, so the company makes a little profit and the payments are affordable. Usually delivery is free within a reasonable range. This could provide the emergency horse shelters in a hurry, and be returned later under the right arrangement.


      • Hopefully, Icy, thats the kind of thing they will go to. Its tough having this happen in this kind of weather – especially in their area! Just hope people are able to help them out like they have ISPMB, right?


  4. God bless the people from Fleet of Angels, you all have been amazing!

    Maggie that’s devastating news, will make a donation as soon as I can.


    • Great, dee – the more people that are aware the better. I realize this time of year is rough between the weather etc. But honestly, just 5 or 10 dollars will make a difference if enough people can manage.


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