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The heavy toll of emotional stress on horses described by researchers



Emotional loading is a stronger stress factor in horses than exercise, according to Ukraine researchers.

They recorded more negative metabolic changes in horses after emotional stress than after exercise.

Trainers should take this into account when working with horses to enable them to cope, the researchers suggested.

The authors, T.I. Bayeva and G.F. Zhegunov, from the Kharkiv State Zooveterinary Academy, reported their findings in a paper entitled “Influence of physical and emotional activity on the metabolic profile of blood serum of race horses”.

Read the rest of this story here:

Influence of physical and emotional activity on the metabolic profile of blood serum of race horses
T. I. Bayeva, G. F. Zhegunov
Visnyk of Dnipropetrovsk University. Biology, Ecology. 2016;24(2) DOI 10.15421/011665

The study can be read here.

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  1. Should we have to have a “study” done in order to realize exactly what stress does to horses? Really? If stress causes a toll on humans – why in the world wouldn’t do the same to any species? The fact that there would even be a question in anyone’s mind in this century – when we are all so “enlightened” about other species – tells us we aren’t the most intelligent ones after all! I guess I’m ranting a little – but look at how many research studies that are being done TO animals to prove something one way or another! And yet – nothing by or about the BLM regarding what they are doing to our wild horses & burros with the constant roundups & separations.

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