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Top Wild Horse Article of 2016

Forward by R.T. Fitch, article by Debbie Coffey

“Happy New Year to everyone, it is our most sincere hope (and plan) to make a real difference for the wild horses and burros in 2017 and we are thinking out of the box and have a few things in the works at Wild Horse Freedom Federation that no one else has ever tried before so stay tuned, it is going to get interesting.

I planned to put up the most popular article of 2016 for your reading enjoyment (and should do it soon before I get too deep into an industrial sized mug of Wrangler Iced Tea) but as it turns out, the number one and most popular article in 2016 is one that Debbie Coffey wrote and published in January of 2015…the stats are unbelievable. On an average the article is viewed, at a minimum of an astounding 4,000 times a week with a total of 221,312 views in 2016 and 274,450 times in 2015.  Jaw-dropping!

The article is about Ree Drummond and her husband who make millions off the backs of captured horses while they warehouse and use them as a backdrop for her cooking show and products.  It obviously touched a nerve among the mindless and uninformed as Deb and I receive hate mail on a regular basis but it IS the truth and they ARE wealthy due to your tax money and the mismanagement of the wild horses by the BLM.  Deb and I have thick skin so the hate does not dissuade us but instead motivates us to dig into this situation even deeper and again, 2017 might be quite an interesting year.

Please take a few moments and read the article and form your own opinion as the information is as valid today as it was two years ago.

Again, Happy New Year and be sure to hug all of your critters, be they in the pasture or in the house…the future is ours.!” ~ R.T.

Multi-Millionaire Cowpoke Ladd Drummond, whose little “missus” is Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman), rakes in Taxpayer Dollars

by Debbie Coffey                      Copyright 2015                   All Rights Reserved.

It has been 2 1/2 years since the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) last gave the public a tour of any BLM Long Term Holding Pastures, which are used to warehouse once wild horses that were rounded up by helicopters used by BLM contractors and permanently removed from America’s public lands.  So much for the BLM’s claim of transparency.

Millions of readers follow Ree Drummond as she blogs about ranch life, her children, and her husband, whom she calls Marlboro Man. Photograph by Sylvia Plachy.   Millions of readers follow Ree Drummond as she blogs about ranch life, her children, and her husband, whom she calls Marlboro Man. Photograph by Sylvia Plachy. (Source: The New Yorker)

Ladd Drumond, his brother Tim and their dad, Charles, are partners in Drummond Land and Cattle, which has a BLM contract for Long Term Holding pastures for our wild horses.  Ladd is married to “The Pioneer Woman,” Ree Drummond, a Food Network cooking show host/blogger/photographer/cookbook author who writes folksy blogs about her life on their ranch in Oklahoma.  Kind of like she’s a pioneer woman.  Except in real life, Ree is wealthy and has both a house and a nice lodge on her ranch.  (Nothing like the real pioneers, who had to trod across the plains in a covered wagon.)

In a 2013 article on Modern Farmer about America’s 100 Top Landowners (“The who’s who of modern American land moguls”) the Drummond family was listed as #17 (the 17th largest landowner in the U.S.), with “433,000 acres.”

While some of this land may belong to other Drummond family members, Ladd and the little missus are getting by.

It was estimated that Ree’s blogsite income was about a million dollars or more per year just from display advertisement alone.  She also makes dough from her Food Network cooking show, her cookbooks,  her book, the movie option based on her book “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels,” based on her life (and persona) as “The Pioneer Woman.”…(CONTINUED)

Please click, below or above, to view the original article and the hundreds of comments!

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  1. Interesting. Does anybody know if United Organizations of the Horse has given any campaign contributions to the upcoming Department of the Interior and potential Department of Agriculture candidates and whether or not it has any ties to the Equus Film Festival, United Horsemen or PtH?


    • This will explain the ties to everthing including Eqqus. Duquette and Wallis were parellel and UOH was another Horse Slaughter front. This actually explains a Wyoming law that if your horse gets out of a femce and the Livestock Board finds it they can immediately send it to slaughter. It also states in the law the meat is to be sent to schools and mental hospitals etc. The question about donations can be found on donors list for each year online.

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      • Thanks for sharing. That is some scary stuff, but I am not overly surprised that they are interwoven. As far as that piece of trash of legislation, has it been overturned? If not, has it or could it be used against Wyoming wild horses? Also, I’m still lost at the part where Equus Film Festival got involved.

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      • Just what I said. UOH, Unified Equine, Protect the Harvest, Horsemen United, etc… are basically the same people under different brand names. They look like many but they are actually a handful of people.


  2. United Organizations of the Horse is just one of the many pro-slaughter fronts associated to Forrest Lucas/Dave Duquette/Sue Wallis/AQHA/Horse Councils/NCBA et alia.


  3. “Public ecosanctuarys for wild horses”

    What’s wrong with keeping them in the wild? We can’t see what’s happening to them, and an enity that considers them rats is going to manage the horses in who’s best intetests. Certainly not yours, mine or the horses .


  4. Really what this means is: if wild horses are no longer the BLMs responsibility then the lands can be Destroyed by any interests that want them. The Drummonds can then Charge large amounts of money for tourists to view the last wild horses. Then in turn the Last wild horses can be paired down in Sanctuary until the last remaining are then rare and Worth money at stagerring figures. This is a Reverse Commodity. First you gather up all that you want to be valuable then you convince people to destroy or dispose of that Asset immediately. Then immediately following the lack of this item property or animals they jetison the values mark it as a Rare asset and sell only to the highest bidder. In other words a Reverse Commodity. It wouldnt have value until you destroy the quantity to heighten values for specific persons. The other side is Pioneer Woman is in Walmart who recently went cage free so its alarming they ignore the situation of the wild horses in this case to zell her goods. Just saying.


  5. We have paid the Drummond Land and Cattle Company $16,809,152.00 in the last ten years including the most recent payment of $1,049,076.00 paid to them only a few days ago, on 12/29/2016.


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