Neil Kornze stepping down as Dir. of the BLM and Kristin Bail stepping in


Neil Kornze

Source:  Elko Daily Free Press

Kornze stepping down from top BLM post

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Bureau of Land Management on Friday announced two key leadership positions, including a replacement for Director Neil Kornze.

BLM veteran Kristin Bail will serve as the agency’s acting director upon completion of Kornze’s tenure, and Jody L. Hudson has been selected as the assistant director for Human Capital Management.

Kornze is stepping down on Jan. 20 with the transition to the new administration, and Hudson succeeds Carole Carter-Pfisterer, who retired from the BLM last month.

Kornze, who was raised in Elko, was nominated in 2013 by President Obama to be director of the agency. He had been the BLM’s principal deputy director and previously served as a senior policy adviser to U.S. Sen. Harry Reid.

“Kristin is a thoughtful, effective leader. The BLM family will be in good hands under her leadership,” said Kornze.

In her most recent assignment, Bail served as assistant director for the BLM’s Resources and Planning Directorate. She previously served as the agency’s Assistant Director for National Conservation Lands and Community Partnerships.

Bail has worked for more than 32 years in public land management across Oregon, Arizona, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C. She has also served in a variety of field positions, as well as in policy and leadership roles in the BLM and U.S. Forest Service, gaining experience in a wide range of programs including rangeland management, forest management, recreation, land-use planning, and budget.

Bail grew up in Phoenix and graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Science in Geology. Her husband, Barron, retired from the BLM in 2010 after a 32-year career with the agency.

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  1. So is this seen as a “generally good ” change, in your collective opinions? IDK anything about the 2 people… but I can’t help but wonder: what the heck is “Human Capital Management” within the BLM?

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  2. will our wild ones ever have a fair chance to contune to live wild and free. or is the cattle industrie’s going to get their money hungry hands on what belongs to the wild ones ? sad that money speakes louder than nature . god please help keep the wild ones free and as god and nature has had them for centuries .how would we feel if that was us . loosing our homes ,family’s and everything that we hold so priceless.


  3. I pray there will be a positive turn around and restoration of the wild horses and burros where they belong: on their rightful public lands be these BLM-USDI or USFS-USDA!


  4. I scanned back through the transcripts from the April 2016 WH&B advisory meeting and what Kristin Bail said was all the la-de-da that the BLM repeats over and over again. Public relations BS. What I did NOT hear her mention was anything about leaving our wild horses and burros on their legal lands. Surprised? Not. What she did talk about was how to get rid of them. Kristin Bail quote from April 2016 WH&B advisory board meeting, “And so one of the things that we are considering is, you know, how we can make the transfer of ownership to federal, state and local partners more easy.”
    These public servants need to FIRST realize that they are public servants put into positions to serve the American people. These are not “state lands” and not “federal lands” and not even “government lands”. They are public lands. The American people own the public lands in the West and they are administered on our behalf by the national government under laws and regulations. This land and its resources, including the wild horses and burros belong to all citizens of the United States, not the federal government.

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  5. BLM Planning and Resources Directorate. . . . Makes one nostalgic for BLM Directors like Bob Abbey. Do these public Employerates know they are responsible for carrying out P.L. 92-195 (16 U.S.C. 1331-1337) as amended. Their job is not to remove (Native) wild horses and (Native) wild burros from the ecosystems where they co-evolved for 55 (Franzen) million years to 60 million years (Simpson 51, Gould 91). They evolved to survive global and regional climate changes by migrating to refugia and then returning to North America when habitats
    became productive again. Their job is to manage them on the lands that Congress provided for the wild horses and burros in 1971—all 88 million acres of it. Horses ancestors browsed the broad leafed plants in the swamplands, and they moved with the plants as they evolved from their steamy surroundings to tropical forests. Agriculture is important, but unfortunately, most western grasses do not provide enough forage for cattle unless they are also grazed by horses.

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  6. It is not the agency’s decision where to put the horses and burros. It is the agency’s responsibility to manage the horses that remain on the land they were given. There is no sympathy available for ranchers who drove family bands from the land, killed their stallion, and bred the mares to their own horses. No sympathy for those who returned their excess horses back on the land and now want to call all of our wild horses and burros “feral”. As the late Dr. Kirkpatrick pointed out, “feral” is a human construct and makes no genetic difference to the horse at all. So federal agencies and ranchers can just erase the term feral from their minds. They misapplied the definition of the word feral to delegitimize the peoples’ rights to see these animals in the wild. What we should be thankful for is that horses can bond with other horses and make families in the wild or bond with humans’s and form family bonds with other horses in herds on private lands.


  7. Thank you for taking on this position. Please represent the wild horses in a manner they deserve. There must be a balance between cattle grazing and allowing the horses their right to be on open land. Mostly, please END the helicopter roundups. They are cruel and the horses should not be treated in such a inhumane way. Good Luck with your new job. The BLM certainly needs a revamp!


  8. I love the smiling faces as they see nothing wrong with stripping our Wild herds off the land that rightfully belongs to them. I agree with all the comments. But we all can not become complacent. There is a lot going on. First Vern Buchanan from Florida reintroduced the Safe Food, Safe Horse Export Act giving usa second chance at the pie. Washington state has introduced a very in depth slaughter bill. That is one border state and huge auction/slaughter pen area -next stop slaughter plant. This state ban would be huge! Next stop Texas by state. If we want to stop slaughter we must cover all the bases. Also are there still two or three seats open on the BLM Advisory Board with Ginger?
    It seems gloomy at first but let’s look for the silver lining here. Has anyone applied to this committee? If we coordinate state efforts now for the Safe Act we may have a good chance. I’m sorry to say the petition prepared for President Obama and Vice-President Biden seemed to be stalled some where despite the help of many celebrates. We need them to help with the current bills too. On March 21st in DC and in hundreds of cities a Women’s march is scheduled. There will be many signs protesting the take always this new Basket of Deplorables has initiated. I plan on being in the march in Chicago and I will among other signs be holding a sign for our horses. Get aboard do a sign and let’s get our horses front and center too! Its free give if your time! We share our concerns with each other and that’s like preaching to the choir. Its John Q Public that needs to know about the plight of our horses. Just last night I was at a swearing in ceremony for one of our Legislators and talked with some non Horse people. They were shocked and want more info to share with others. Folks we have to branch out and now is the time. Also remember many of our states have local elections coming up and that can change the political landscape in favor of our horses. Whether we like it or not this is the only means to change. No gentlemen’s agreement either. As I read about Wild Horse Annie, she never gave up her fight for our Wild Horses and Burros. And I don’t believe reading she had an unlimited amount of money either. But she had the heart of a horse and the will,desire and moxy to get her bill done and she did! Believe it or not we have more avenues open. The media, the internet, face book and UTube. Opportunities for petitions. So let’s follow her lead and get it done. Find that march in your area on Saturday and make yourself a sign. Get out there and let’s make a difference. Our horses, burros and other equines can’t speak for themselves but YOU and I CAN! Fight on all you Horse.Warriors and may the Force of the Horse be with you always!!

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  9. Please help our wild horses and burros from all this in humane activity that they have been suffering through and all of us who care about the injustice that has gone on and on and on.


  10. Removing or Relocating wild horses is absurd. Did congress forget to tell BLM “DO NOT MOLEST THE WILDLIFE” It costs millions to move them here or there. It cost NOTHING to leave them alone. How would BLM like being removed from their offices I forgot the Wildlife refuge protest and an innocent man was brutally murdered by FBI Agents who tried to cover it up and plant evidence and conceal other evidence. I am not as hardcore as all you are about wild horses but the sign says don’t molest wildlife. This issue alone is BLMs weakness is shows just how control freakish and anal they really are. Good luck in you journey I hope y’all find justice for these majestic creatures of the American wild. Which is virtually extinct with BLM management of Public lands


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