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BLM Seeks Public Comment on Plan to Rip More than 1,000 Wild Horses Out Of Wyoming

“This is Your Chance to be a Voice for the Horses…”

Destruction of Wyoming’s Adobe Town herd by the BLM ~ photo by Carol Walker of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The Bureau of Land Management offices in Rock Springs and Rawlins are launching a 30-day public scoping period prior to preparing an environmental assessment on proposed deadly wild horse stampedes in the Salt Wells Creek, Adobe Town, and Great Divide Basin Herd Management Areas.

The war on Wyoming’s last remaining wild horses is allegedly scheduled to begin in the fall of 2017.

Written comments should be received by April 4, and should be e-mailed to (Please include “2017 AML Gather” in the subject line).

Mailed or hand-delivered comments can be made during regular business hours (7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. local time) at: BLM Rock Springs Field Office, 2017 AML Gather, 280 Highway 191 North, Rock Springs, WY 82901.

To verbally express your disdain, please contact the BLM at 307-352-0256.

For more details on how the BLM plans to destroy wild horse families and strip them of their freedom visit (HERE)

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  1. The BLM does not represent the West or horse men and women.They do not speak for the good hearted truly horse minded folks that have learned how to forge a bond with the horse. What they do is speak for the groups of souless humankind pretending to be Westerners, who have no affections but for themselves and their sickened concepts of right, wrong and what passes in their small minds as fair play. One can only pray that these soulless bastards find themselves in the same circumstances where their fate at the end of their years is placed into the hands of someone as heartless and ignorant as them.


    • When is this going to stop? Please stop BLM from rounding up and slaughtering these beautiful wild horses….it’s cruel and inhumane and they don’t deserve this……they should be free and to roam as they always have!!!


    • This information sure does bear repeating, Cheri. As I said below – too many of the people who commented here need to send their comments to the address you have shown!

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  2. The BLM knows what the people think and how they feel. The mustang in all of the states they manage need to be left alone. To remove 1000 mustang from Wyoming would devastate the state on the wild horse population. There aren’t that many left in our country and they need to completely stop these round ups, re-evaluate the population, raise the AML numbers to ensure the breed continues to thrive, and consider what is best for the herds. They don’t need to round up more to put into holding just so they can decide to kill them off at the slaughter houses. The BLM is not managing our mustang, they are killing off the breed and it needs to stop now or there will be environmental impact that cannot be repaired and the population will be zeroed out and that is something that will not recover from extinction.


  3. Greed destroys everything. It is inevitable that the BLM wants destroy anything and everything that is natural and turn it over to the grazing of cattle so they can collect grazing fees. My tax dollars pay for these wild horses to run free and live on this land, so leave them alone. This is the peoples land and no one, except a greedy few, benefit from grazing fees. Stop being money hungry, you can’t survive on it.


  4. Wild horses & burros being removed for Richfield Tar Sands plan

    “The document goes so far as to say, ‘the management of wild horse and burro herds is not compatible within those portions of commercial tar sands lease areas.’”

    In addition to the welfare ranchers, here is another major cause of our wild ones being captured & removed & sterilized … please become aware of the Richfield tar sands plan.

    The Richfield tar sands has already effected our wild ones and continues to do so as of TODAY with the BLM proposal to rid the White Mountain and Little Colorado of more/all of the wild ones and the same with the Sinbad wild burro HMA (comments due Monday).

    The Richfield tar sands plan has been in progress since about 2010 and if you look at the list below you will see that most of these HMAs (plus West Douglas HA) have been heavily captured/removed in recent years.

    The document goes so far as to say, “the management of wild horse and burro herds is not compatible within those portions of commercial tar sands lease areas”. How much clearer can it be. They want the wild ones GONE.

    Proof: http://www.riversimulator.o

    TABLE 3.1.3-1 Wild Horse Herd Management Areas within the Oil Shale and Tar Sands Study Area (page 3-167)


    Little Colorado

    White Mountain

    Salt Wells

    Adobe Town


    Piceance-East Douglas



    Muddy Creek

    Range Creek


    [PLUS Herd Areas which are not discussed in this report – such as the West Douglas HA]

    More Richfield tar sands information:


    Sinbad Wild Burro EA information:


  5. Those darned Public Citizen/Stakeholders that keep interfering with “busine$$ as usual”
    Somebody was getting a little testy

    “We note that the WEG has yet again submitted substantially identical arguments to those submitted by WEG for previous lease sales”

    Wind River/BigHorn Basin District Env. Assessments


    On December 7 and 9, 2016, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Wyoming State Office (WSO), received timely protests from thtee parties to oil and gas lease sale parcels planned to be offered at the February 7, 2017 competitive oil and gas lease sale (Feb 2017 Sale). The three protesting parties are: (1) Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP (DGS), (2) Wild Earth Guardians (WEG), and (3) Powder River Basin Resource Council (PRBRC).,
    Wild Earth Guardians (WEG)

    In the WEG’s protest to all 283 parcels listed in the Sale Notice, it principally argues that the BLM failed to (1) quantify greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that could result from leasing the parcels in the Feb 2017 Sale and (2) analyze the “social cost of carbon” for GHG emissions.

    We note that the WEG has yet again submitted substantially identical arguments to those submitted by WEG for previous lease sales, including the BLM Wyoming’s August 2015 Competitive Oil and Gas Lease Sale (Aug 2015 Sale) where these arguments were addressed fully by the WS0.7 After reviewing WEG’s Feb 2017 protest and the Feb 2017 Sale parcels, EAs, and administrative record, the WSO cannot find meaningful differences in the arguments, BLM analysis and disclosure (pmiicularly given the BLM’s repeated treatment of this issue in past WRBBD and HPD lease sale EAs), or parcel-specific circumstances

    Click to access 0217ProtestDecision.pdf


  6. I was going to make a suggestion, but it appears that there is more going on here than I realized.

    An article in WSJ brought up another special interest group that I had not considered as an influencer in the war for the horses and burros’ rightful land. This article concerns a festival of outdoor clothing and equipment dealers which is usually held in Utah might be moved in protest over Utah’s interest in state ownership of public lands. Currently other states such as Colorado are bidding for the event. But the industry itself is worth hundreds of million dollars and has an interest in keeping more public land open for strictly recreational purposes other than photography.


    • Its true – we dont usually think of these groups as having a voice regarding our public land. But look what happened in NC when they wanted to put in place a “bathroom” bill. A lot of very profitable groups pulled out of NC! And the number of organizations escalated from there! Little different kind of influence, but could possibly be something to build on for the welfare of our wild horses & burros.


  7. Saving America’s Wild Horses

    With drumming hooves, they come running.
    With tails flagged high, they come running,
    With flowing manes, they come running.
    With flared nostrils, they come running.

    Oh, what a glorious sight!

    Clouds of prairie dust mark their passing.
    The scent of crushed sage comes drifting.
    Glistening hides in sunlight, reflecting.
    Separated mares and exhausted foals nickering.

    Oh, what a careening flight!

    What would cause this reckless running?
    Over rocky hills, unshod hooves come crashing.
    Older horses lose their footing
    Lathered sweat whitely spraying.

    Oh, what a panicked flight!

    Exhausted, on splayed legs, with sides heaving
    Too spent to nicker at their mothers’ leaving
    Foals collapse, roiling dust enshrouding
    From the chopper blades’ wild whirling.

    Oh, what a tragic flight!

    The strong ones lead, the rest conforming
    As they heed the fences’ hazing
    Into the catch pens’ terminating
    Rails forcing a bewildered milling.

    Oh, what an end to their flight!

    Looking for lost foals, mares pacing
    Bloated bags with warm milk dripping
    A mute and painful weeping
    O’er the Truth so horrifying.

    Innocence, a victim of their flight.

    Stallions answer Nature’s calling
    Rearing, striking, biting, screaming
    Close-quarter conflicts inciting
    Instinctive challenges contesting

    The bloody purpose of their flight.

    Growing herds expanded grazing
    Might harm the desert tortoise feeding
    Politicians paid for by Big Oil, Big Mining
    Approved detailed plans for exterminating.

    Greed, the “No Exit” signage of their flight.

    Some spend months in metal pens confining
    Forgotten, rains ease their frantic thirsting
    Thousand rib and hip bones testifying
    Slow starvation caused their dying.

    Human error the Reaper’s demise of their flight.

    Too few selected for public adopting
    Wild Horse Protection Act ignoring
    Auctioned prices climbing, ever rising
    The “Killer Man” nods and ends the bidding.

    One final sorting changes the nature of their flight.

    Steel trailers travel south to border crossings
    Squeezed into plywood crates, foreboding
    Bewildered captives endure hours of flying
    No hay or water to ease their silent suffering.

    Japan’s slaughter houses, the destination of their flight.

    Electric prods keep dazed mustangs moving
    On slimy steel, hooves slipping, horses falling
    They’re lined up, wild eyed with nostrils snorting
    At the stench of filth and hot blood flowing.

    The Kill Box, the vile termination of their flight.

    Spinal cords severed by Ice-pick stabbings
    Strong legs collapse to the sounds of groaning
    Hind legs wrapped in chains are lifting
    Through cut throats, life’s blood is draining

    Can glazed eyes see their souls take flight?

    Wild burros, horses, mules trapped for Federal culling
    Race horses, ponies, trotters too old for sports or breeding
    Loyalty, trust unnoticed in the equine steaks now steaming
    As patrons of foreign dining enjoy their gourmet gorging.

    Ignorant of the bloody, heinous outcome of their flight.

    Horses carried men in battle, no beribboned medal dying,
    Pulled prairie schooners across the plains unending
    Built railroads, carried mail, plowed fields for planting
    In Arlington, proudly paraded veterans to their final resting.

    We must preserve, forever, the freedom of their flight.

    With drumming hooves, they come running.
    With tails flagged high, they come running,
    With flowing manes, they come running.
    With flared nostrils, they come running.

    Oh, what a thundering, glorious sight!
    © June 2, 2016 by Janice E. Mitich
    Picture Rock, AZ


  8. I agree Kelly blue. Instead of BLM they should be renamed the CCC! I have signed, shared, called and emailed. Nothing is going to stop them as long as money is concerned. I hate to say that but it seems they are hell bent on getting rid of every last horse and Burro that runs wild! If I could go back I would not have voted for any of the bastards now in office.


    • Every body lies… especially BLM…& Horses are NOT livestock althought that is catagory $$$ people want them in so the state/slaughter can take them!! Atrocious!


  9. Leave the horses alone they deserve to run free, the BLM has done nothing but cause harm and suffering for the horses.


  10. Taxpayers should stop BLM. Use money for infrastructure instead! Call Senators and Representatives and protest this inhumane treatment of horses and wasting govt funds.


  11. Please stop the eradication of America’s Wild Horses. Stop bowing down to the Ranchers, do not take public lands away from our Wild Mustangs, this is wrong…

    Sharing from RM: (Chased by helicopters) You’re running. It seems like it’s been days … and it has. You’re strong and powerful but your legs hurt so badly because you’ve been running for what seems like forever. You can barely catch your breath. You’re trying to protect your baby, as well, but she can barely keep up and is stumbling on her brand new legs. But the predators are literally on your tail. You’re being chased by those who intend to inflict harm, so you keep on running. You’re in a panic. You’re frantic. You’re hungry, you’re thirsty, but you can’t stop. If you stop, they catch you. And when they catch you, it’s over, our way of life is gone forever. Freedom taken.


  12. The BLM and these jerky ranchers need to dig into the horses’ history and see the contributions they have made to society since prehistoric times. They deserve to stay wild and free because of them. If these ranchers need more land for their livestock then they can go buy more like everyone else. Why should they be allowed to graze on public land? Land that was set aside to protect the wild horses. Leave them alone!


  13. I am vehemently opposed to the BLM’s plan for removing ANY wild horses or burros from ANY public land. You consistently try to exterminate these beautiful animals by the traumatic and dangerous helicopters, by the experimental “spaying” of sometimes pregnant mares, by shooting them with the experimental drug PZP to prevent pregnancy, by gelding the stallions , the list of the lengths that you people go to kill off THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’S HERITAGE IS OUTRAGEOUS, UNJUSTIFIED AND ILLEGAL. STOP THE ROUND UPS AND LEAVE THE FEW REMAINING HERDS ALONE!!!


  14. Please stop killing these beautiful animals that have helped mankind so much. Let them be…does all our land and wildlife have to be killed for the all mighty dollar?? So much disrespect for wildlife, earth, and water all in the name of progress and greed. We will all die in the end because our government’s heartless, and selfish motives. I pray that the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will open your eyes and heart on the wicked choices you are making. I beg you to reconsider what you are doing and find other solutions for coexisting with these historic icons that bring such beauty and wonder to our landscape.


  15. Are you going to listen this time??? Leave these wild horse alone. Let them be. Isn’t there enough destruction in this country?


  16. Anyone writing the BLM should ask them to justify how this planned roundup will make the collared mare “research” now underway in Adobe Town utterly useless.

    Also ask them what they will do to a.) avoid recapturing collared mares, b.) return any harassed and captured mares back to their (newly emptied) “research” areas, and c.) abandon the research and detonate the collars off those poor mares if they remove them, d.) justify any possible benefit to learning about horse migration after such a massive and widespread disruption, and e.) ensure taxpayer dollars are fully refunded for the collaring “research” this proposed roundup will render completely moot.

    Anyone offended by pointless government expenditure of taxpayer dollars should be completely outraged at this proposal. It will waste funds already spent and make the funded two year “research project” pointless while rounding up and removing more than 1,000 animals into already full holding facilities — which we know is the MOST EXPENSIVE MANAGEMENT OPTION POSSIBLE.


  17. This has to be stopped! Wild horses are a national treasure of America! What would be your country without horses? Your history would be another one without all the millions of horses… So let the last wild horses alone and protect them!


  18. Please leave the wild horses alone. You have taken so many already and alot die and we’re hurt,babies taken away from their mommas. They are a big part of our history. Please leave them alone. Quit shipping them to Canada or wherever to be killed inhumanely.


  19. Leave the wildlife alone. BLM do more damage than good trying to manage the wildlife. Your system us a failure. Your interest isn’t geared towards preservation but more in line with elimination. Regardless of what anyone says you continue in the negative path. Doing the same things and expecting different results is insanity. These creatures are essential.


  20. STOP THIS WILD HORSE, BURRO, MULE & DONKEY HOLOCAUST…PERIOD!!! If these cattle & sheep ranchers want to be in this business, like the rest of us in business…own your own land to do your business on or find other work!!!


  21. “2017 AML Gather”
    Please stop the needles roundups and listen to other alternative to allow the wild horses enough land to be free and get the necessary food and water they deserve.
    If the herds truly need to be controlled as far as population then look at alternatives that you, the BLM have been presented.
    And please stop lying to us.


  22. Sent my thoughts on any more remove of Mustangs/Burros. Cattle/sheep ranchers will survive with out without the BLM, they may not make as much money this year but neither will the BLM.


  23. Your cruelty will catch up with you in time

    you will weep whe you are made aware of what you did to Gods creation


  24. Lots of new commenters here – which is great BUT they need to write to the BLM & give their reason for objecting – commenting here is just preaching to the choir! Email the BLM or write actual paper letters – but send them to the BLM! Putting your comments on this blog or facebook makes them public – BUT really doesnt let the BLM know how you feel. For some reason this seems to happen a lot – makes me think the BLM isnt hearing from many of the people opposed to their “management”.


  25. (not sure where to post this so put it here)

    A leader for the BLM

    In a press release, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke named an interim head of the Bureau of Land Management: Mike Nedd, a career BLM employee who previously held position of Assistant Director for Energy, Minerals, and Realty Management. In 2015, DC correspondent Elizabeth Shogren interviewed him about the BLM’s renewables program, which he oversaw. A bit more on him here.

    In the same press release, Zinke announced the approval of a $22 million lease in Utah…


    • Sure doesnt sound like theres much wild horse experience there! But lots of experience pertaining to mining & development. Not sounding good for the horses. Interesting articles tho.


  26. Letter to the Editor

    Lynchburg, VA

    Today is the age of gridlock in Congress. Can you imagine the U.S. House and Senate voting unanimously on anything?

    Well, back in the 1971, they did. Responding to huge public outcry, all members of both chambers voted to approve the U.S. Wild and Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act.

    Forty-five years later, Americans still love wild horses. Polls show three-fourths of the American public wants to see wild horses preserved on public land and 80 percent of Americans oppose horse slaughter.

    Yet, a vocal minority of self-interested folks continues to clamor for inhumane treatment of these treasured animals. They include ranching and mining interests that want to turn a profit on public land. And they’d just as soon not have horses in their way.

    These private interests have pressured the government to force horses from the range via roundups, and they advocate extreme measures, such as shipping horses off to slaughter or subjecting them to dangerous sterilization surgeries. This is counter to the will of the American people.

    Next time you hear that there are “too many” wild horses, remember that these animals inhabit only 12 percent of federal land. They are outnumbered 50 to 1 by livestock. Our local, state and national leaders should remember also: Americans, by vast numbers, want our wild horses preserved and treated humanely.


  27. What? This makes no sense whatsoever.
    Wyoming is the west and nothing says west more than wild horses. Also Wyoming isn’t an overpopulated state to have problems with horses and human encounter. Of course I forgot about what the real issue is: cattle!! Money talks and the cattlemen are powerful just like the NRA. Cows aren’t native they were introduced and nothing contributes more to global warming that cows.
    Incredible that the BLM is so powerful that they can get away with the total anhilation of an animal that’s native and has so much history attached to the native Americans and the settlers, wars, and the foundation of this country.


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