Horse Slaughter

THE TRUTH #5 – Kill Buyer Tom Davis paid the BLM only $17,940 for 1,794 wild horses & burros, but the BLM paid $145,704.60 to ship these animals to Davis

SOURCE:  Wild Horse Freedom Federation

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THE TRUTH #6 – Dept. of the Interior Office of Inspector General details costs on shipping wild horses and burros to kill buyer Tom Davis

Below are the details contained in a DoI OIG Investigative Activity Report on the costs of shipping wild horses and burros to kill buyer Tom Davis.  From 2/13/2008 to 4/24/2012, the BLM spent $145,704.60 shipping our wild horses and burros to Davis.  Davis paid the BLM only $17,940 for these 1,794 wild horses and burros ($10 each).  The Agent’s Note states “During Davis’ interview, he stated that could make a profit of $2,500 to $3,000 for each load of horses he received from the BLM.”

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Most, if not all, of these wild horses and burros ended up going to a likely, and very horrific, slaughter in Mexico.

See the Dept. of the Interior Office of Inspector General’s records on this HERE.

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  1. Let’s hear it for fiscal responsibility within our government, eh?

    Just read through the White Paper Exhibits today, and realized the Reno Rendering Plant paid $125 each for a dead adult horse, making it beyond ridiculous that Davis/Salazar paid only $10 per horse, then shipped them to meet the same end, with all the costs borne by taxpayers and all the profits accruing to private interests. I wonder if any taxes were paid by Davis et al on those slaughter sales and related profits? I wouldn’t bet on it.

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  2. This is wrong and cruel we as tax payers should be the ones deciding what the lands can and cannot support. There are so many creatures that are doing very well without the government so taking these horses away and then selling them for slaughter is wrong


  3. I just faxed all of these Truths to my Maryland Senators – both Democrats and Representative Andy Harris a Republican who is unfortunately Pro Slaughter.


  4. In my mind, this was a pre-meditated murder plan formulated, organized and executed by the chief decision makers of the Bureau of Land Management. And don’t think that this was done only by some BLM employees sitting in Washington DC. This mass murder could not have been performed without the knowledge and assistance of many BLM in many holding facilities – including the facility managers, wranglers and office workers including the field managers. They ALL knew what was going on and where these wild horses and burros were going and their ultimate fate of slaughter. All of those people are guilty of violating the Congressional LAW that states these wild horses and burros are to be protected from capture, branding, harassment or death.


    • And it is likely this was not the only occasion, just the only one they got caught for doing, yet still without any real consequences for the people, only fatal ones for the horses.


  5. Burns, Oregon, Rob Sharp, BLM facility manager.
    “In January [2012], the manager of the agency’s corral in Burns, Ore. [Rob Sharp – BLM – he was the COR for the trapping in Oregon where it is documented that about 50 of our wild Murderer’s Creek wild horses “disappeared” after being trapped by BLM’s contractor. Rob Sharp is the Supervisory Wild Horse Management Specialist in the Burns, Oregon Wild Horse and Burro Program], emailed superiors in Washington, D.C., to ask what to do with 29 mares, almost all of which were pregnant. Spencer replied that Davis would take them.”

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