Wild Horses/Mustangs

Sable Island Wild Horses – A Ray of Hope for Wild Horses

SOURCE:  Wildhoofbeats.com

Sable Island Wild Stallion

by Carol Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

In July 2017 I traveled to Sable Island on a ship with Adventure Canada. Visiting and photographing the wild horses of Sable Island had been a dream of mine for over 9 years, and finally I was able to go. The island is only 25 miles long, a sand island, 100 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia. Since December 2013, the island is managed by Parks Canada, and any voyage there has to be approved and monitored by them.

Mare and curious foal

The morning we arrived on the island, the weather was fair and clear, perfect for a landing. I could not wait to get ashore. I was with one of the groups who wanted to visit the horses, of course. We first spotted a family of wild horses in the dunes, and watching the foals who were very curious about us, was very entertaining. Just like in wild horse families I have observed in the American west, the stallion kept an eye on us and his family the whole time we were there.

Stallion keeping watch


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  1. Carol, these are fabulous photographs! I really love the one of the stallion rolling in the sand. Thank you for documenting their lives for future generations. You rock!


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