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Day Two: Twitter Storm for the Wild Horses and Burros

TWEET now…and ReTweet!

Public lands belong to US and these are OUR horses & Burros! DO NOT KILL AMERICAS WILD HORSES & BURROS #SaveOurWildHorses

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  1. I didn’t find anyone who voted from Montana? If horse slaughter is voted in, will different voting in the Ag Bill change things? I would assume Montana will vote on the Ag Bill, seeing as that’s all Montana runs on. Thanks, Pat

    P.S. I have been putting almost all of your emails on FB. Seeing as the media doesn’t say anything about it, that’s the only way the word gets out. I found that out when the Montana fires where raging (almost two millions acres (1.8) gone and nothing was said about it until FB got the news). Most of my FB friends didn’t even know the fires where going on.



  2. Asking for the Wild Horses to be saved, ranchers have enough land for their cattle, horses have only 3%-they are part of American history & need to be there for all of us to enjoy-they need to remain where they are-PLEASE SAVE OUR HORSES!!!


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