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Wild Horses, Burros, Slaughter and Zinke; R.T. Fitch LIVE on Wild Horse Freedom Federation Facebook – Sunday

It’s not “Feel Good Sunday” by any means but instead it is a heartfelt plea for assistance in saving tens of thousands of Wild Horses and Burros from being shot and murdered to forward careers, egos and budgets.

Tax paying Americans want to take their country back and murdering the very icon of our independence is NOT the way to achieve said goal.

Join me for a brief few moments on Sunday, October 22nd at 7PM Eastern, 6PM Central, 5PM Mountain and 4PM Pacific for a few minutes of brainstorming on where we go from here.  This will not be a lecture nor an exercise in preaching to the choir but instead simply a few moments of face to face commentary on clarification, focus and a suggested best way forward.  I promise not to keep you long…Sunday is for family.

Please join me on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WildHorseFreedom/

It’s time to come together, my friends, and fix this broken system.

See you soon.

R.T. Fitch, Volunteer, Citizen President & Co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

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  1. So would you like this posted on twitter, for general audience? So many are asking about a class action or some way to deal legally with the program as a whole, versus one roundup at a time. Could we have any legal counsel on hand to discuss these possibilities?


  2. Thanks RT, I will watch it as soon as I get home tonight.
    I like the idea of a class action suit if that could be done, along with an injunction or restraining order.


  3. My great hope is that we working together will get results and be able to stop this. That being said I think we are close enough to this becoming a reality to start thinking about a plan B. Perhaps Groups coming together to take over the leases on long term holding with the goal being to move these animals to sanctuary or adoption.

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  4. Just read the remainder of Advisory Board’s “list of recommendations”. And Mr. Yardley certainly did his job. His main goal is to have as many of OUR wild horses killed as possible – but “we dont have to get into the nitty gritty of that here & now” according to the board.
    I have to ask tho, why is Ben Masters opinion so very respected & important here? Honestly, I don’t see where he has all this wild horse experience or even wildlife experience at all. Yet most of the board seems to be waiting with baited breath for his opinions. Because of his movie? Not a big deal!


  5. I have a suggestion: it’s now or never…..we need to send Everyone in Congress pictures of current healthy wild horses in horses. THEY NEED pictures of these horses in their email and a dispute over the fact these horses are wanted by our Nation. THE FACT is, we need to send Congress this week emails with pictures of SLAUGHTER horses that were saved and their successes as a result and that more horses could be successful if slaughter is stopped. We cannot allow downer cows that’s against the law, so we need to stop downer horses also and the hay that’s bought up by killer buyers can be best used by people who originally owned the horses and they wouldn’t get into bad condition in the first place. Abusers need arrested wild horses Need freedom and even some homes and Removal of the 3 Strikes your out program MUST OCCUR IMMEDIATELY! PLEASE ASSIST IN EMAILING CONGRESS WILD HORSE PHOTOS, RESCUED HORSES, AND PIPELINE DESTRUCTION THIS WEEK…….I WANT TO CALL IT “THEIR OUR DAMN HORSES TOO!” BUT I AM SURE SOMETHING MORE CATCHY IS IN ORDER! WHATCHA SAY, FLOOD THEM WITH THE TRUTH, THE BEAUTY AND THE REALITY.

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  6. I don’t know about everyone else … but the live video was “interrupted” and then quit on facebook. This happened while Callie Hendrickson was speaking … which must have been the cause of the broadcast going dead, dead, dead?

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  7. The WH&BA clearly states that no amendments can be made to it without public hearings, yet they are hard to find. Where were they when the burns amendment took the place of wild Equine protections? Where are they now? The BLM stated that it would count petitions as one. Also, when I contact my state senators on horse slaughter, they respond: I believe wild horse and burros on public lands must be managed in a fiscally responsible, humane, and environmentally sustainable manner. I will continue to draw on these principles and be sure to keep your views in mind as this issue is considered by the Senate. Fischer also states that slaughter is a humane option.
    I believe that the power to protect these Equines has been stolen from the public and we should sue all criminals involved, all the way back to the first amendment made to the WH&BA.


    • Tasha, it seems clear the BLM has for decades NOT been managing wild horses and burros “in a fiscally responsible, humane, and environmentally sustainable manner” and are responsible for the crisis circumstances today, yet are not held accountable. Why?


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