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Urgent: Our Horse Nation Needs YOUR Help

Our nation is at a critical juncture and America’s wild horses and burros are in the crossfire. Following the troubling news that the President’s budget request for 2018 would strip federal protections for wild horses and burros and put over 80,000 healthy wild horses at risk for slaughter, wild horses are now in danger more than ever before. We were deeply troubled to discover that dangerous language that would reopen the door for horse slaughter was quietly inserted into the U.S. House’s massive spending bill for next year’s budget.

Click (HERE) to join Wild Horse Freedom Federation, The CANA Foundation and many other wild horse and burro advocacy groups in taking ACTION to save the last of the few herds that still remain alive and free!

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  1. Well of course it was. That’s was that the Plan from the Get go. Call up Congress and tell them there will be an Uprising of the American people against horse slaughter. It has to STOP!


  2. We, the 80% of taxpayers ot the United States.of America , will say again, No slaughter, killing or “humane euthanasia”, selling to foriegn markets of our Wild Horses and Burros. We resent greatly the threat of the abuse and cruelty that is being done to these iconic animals of ours


    • Hey Deb, there is still a need for humane euthanisia in some individual instances, so let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water!

      Humane management needs to include this as an option for a horse that is indeed suffering irreparable harm, like a broken leg, fatal disease, or massive injury. It has to be case by case and determined by a veterinary or similar professional with no financial stake in the outcome, though.

      What we must object to is the use of the term to cover up mass murder of healthy animals for nothing but a managerial whim.


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