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Interior Decorator: “Dinky” Zinke’s Push To Redesign Flags And Accessorize With Dead Animals

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  1. These are the worst of times for America because nothing is valued but greed and hate and it needs to be recognized as such and stopped but there is a disconnect of those in power so it will be a painful delay until they are voted out from the top down

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  2. He has to have his very own flag on the roof whenever he is “in”? Certainly is telling as to the size of his ego! Wonder if the staffer who gets to run up to the roof & either put up or take down the flag will get “hazard” pay??? As is the case with much of this cabinet – yet another jerk! (actually could use many worse descriptions BUT)


    • Is no one in government watching this ridiculousness? There was enough publicity about Price to get him removed – but I guess this guy fits right in with the rest! Frankly, the pictures of the “moneyguy” & his wife should resonate with ordinary people – especially with this tax bill being pushed!
      Maybe “ordinary” people aren’t watching tho.


      • I wondered if he wants to delete the Bison from the flag, and replace it with an emblem of a gate with a dollar sign in the middle to indicate how one gains access to public lands and related policy making.


      • All I could think was – what the heck – why should the bison be there – right this minute they are hunting them again even tho theres only 847 left in the one herd! That says to me – how can they be the national (?) animal if they get slaughtered every time they leave Yellowstone? That’s sick – but no sicker than the push to eradicate our wild horses & burros, I guess.

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  3. The stuffed bobcat has NO PLACE in his office or anyone else’s office … it had a right to live and die in the wild as did the grizzly and other wild animals.
    “Secretary Ryan Zinke ✔@SecretaryZinke
    Not to be outdone by the #Griz the @msubobcats have a place in my office too. Appreciate the piece from @USFWS
    10:43 AM – Mar 27, 2017 · Washington, DC”


  4. “Interior Department to allow imports of elephant and lion trophies from Africa, reversing Obama policies”.

    Removing protection to wild elephant hunting looks like an early holiday present for his sons the trophy hunters. What else could a POS billion-air dad give to his two billion-air POS sons that they don’t already have?


    • This has to be stopped, held up, somehow, some way. These poor animals are on the verge of extinction. What a bunch of idiots.


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