Horse Slaughter

Is this a fate the BLM is considering for our wild horses?

As many of you know, Lon Ball continues to push his proposal, asking the BLM to sell thousands of wild horses to be used as prey for Siberian tigers in Russia.

SOURCE:  Yahoo News

Damien Sharkov, Newsweek

A Dog-Eating Siberian Tiger Is on the Prowl and Authorities Can’t Find It

Forest authorities in Russia are scouring the frozen countryside in a frantic search to find a Siberian tiger that is preying on local dogs in a remote Siberian village.

The Amur tiger, an endangered species, was bred in captivity and then released into the wild as part of a conservation campaign that has the personal backing of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It is not the first time a tiger released through Putin’s campaign has caused consternation with local communities: in 2014, another tiger cub crossed into China in 2014 and killed five chickens.

Now residents of a small village near the border with China, in Russia’s eastern Primorye region, have claimed that one of the animals has been attacking dogs, killing and then dragging away their carcasses.


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  1. I have some more specific information from an International friend. Her claim is this is a disgusting disguise for the truth. They want to send them as tiger food to avoid the Export for slaughter ban when it goes into effect, then they will claim too many horses are brought in for zoo and sell to the actual Russian slaughter plants which she confirms still kill horses with sledgehammer for sausages. We have to prevent export for cat meat now as well. It’s an absolutely cruel twist to send horses to die at the claws of the massive cats. In most cases the cats hunt the prey, in the instance they don’t they are housed close by and know the cats are a danger. This is Not a fate our wild horses should endure. Now I hear the House has introduced more deceptive language to kill horses again. Please check on it, I just received a heads up yesterday from a reliable source. It’s meant to slide slaughter back in again. Sorry, but I need to obtain more details so your on the infamous needle in the haystack again momentarily. As well it’s Official Wayne Pacelle Resigned. I posted the blurb on FB. The situation for the horses is of highest importance and we need to make sure we have help from every single side, organziation, groups, politicians, reporters, citizens we can get. Please let’s keep informing everyone without lashing out too much and keep focused on the upper most goals. No surrender of Wild and Domestic horses to the travesty called slaughter.


  2. Wayne Pacelle resogned. Next the Russian purchase for zoomeat is a cover story. Yes they will do this as a way a round the impending SAFE ACT. To export under the guise of Cats eating them surrupes the slaughter ban and then once there they will claim they bought to many and transfer/sell to slaughter. The plants in Russia bludgeon the horses to death with sledgehammer to make sausages That’s the way a round the protections. I have this from an International horseman who is privy of such details. Also we need to start legislation to stop this from happening. As well we need to recheck what’s been added to the Farm bill my insider says there’s another trick to slaughter all horses being put in. Please examine, ask questions and let’s verify this. I am concerned that this is a notorious last second last sir h effort to bash their way in. Killers are killers even if they are only signing death warranclts on paper. Our questions to those politicians should be have you ever been in a slaughterhouse to watch horses die brutally and in pain? Have you ever endured the loss of horses via theft and couldn’t replace the horses who were stripped from your heart? Have you ever witnessed the abuse at the auctionshouses first hand not once but repeatedly? Have you ever witnessed in person the bludgeoning of a sledgehammer on a horses head or seen horses beg for their lives? It’s time we ask the paper pushers what they have actually seen before they sign a piece of paper which absolves them of seeing the blood offal, and fluids draining out onto the ground. We witnessed it and were tired of it. Temple Brandon says it’s inhumane, we say it’s inhumane, so why are they being inhumane? Ask these people who write up to kill horses why they have no experience inside the plants witnessing abuse and carnage and trying to say it’s a good idea? Start asking them the tough questions they can’t answer and those that lie and say they have seen it get nanes, we can prove who has and who has not, the plants have restrictions on who gets in and who doesnt. Let’s stop the big cat meat scam.


  3. This is insane – What are the options for getting this out to mainstream America….horse advocates are aware of this if they have been following the plight of our Mustangs – but the general public is clueless…….how can this be blitzed? I will be in Washington, DC in early May….how can I help? Is Protect the Harvest behind this?


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