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Update: Wild Horse & Burro Legislation

Our sources tell us that the Senate Appropriations Committee passed the Fiscal Year 2019 Appropriations legislation, yesterday, with no amendments regarding our wild horse and burros.  At first glance it appears that the bill maintains protections against destruction of healthy horses and burros and sale for slaughter and does not contain any provisions similar to the House language authorizing mass sterilization.

We are cautiously optimistic but will not know until the bill language is released to the public whether any language concerning regarding sterilization is in.

Once again, the differences between the House bill and the Senate bill will be worked out in conference committee. Last year, House language authorizing the destruction of tens of thousands of healthy wild horses and burros was rejected by the Senate and was not included in final spending legislation.  Let us hope that the same is reflected in this year’s action.

Stay tuned.

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  1. WHO do we put in office that will take care of our Horses, wild life of all kinds, parks, land that belongs to the people and no cattle & sheep to interfere? Is there Anyone who will do that for those of us who care? They have missing the mark on their fixes for our great country. There are Millions of people who want that taken care of, clean water for the people and animals, the slaughter of so many farm animals, it is just too much. There is waste, inhumane treatment and over production of everything because of the money. We have to take care of what we have, it is our last chance!!!

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  2. There is a documentary made called “eating animals”. Mainly about the factory farms & showing there are alternatives to them – small farmers (many of whom have been pushed out). I’m now getting emails about the
    smaller NY dairy farmers being shortchanged on the pricing of milk. This seems to be more of the same big business attitude thats responsible for all of the above!

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  3. Holding my breath for the final wording but from what you have discovered so far … it is far better than what we all know could have been the final nail in the extinction of our wild horses and wild burros on our public lands.


  4. Our work is just starting and we just have to keep on doing what we have been doing.
    After a while it just becomes a way of life. There are dedicated souls who have been at this for decades.
    More and more Americans are becoming aware and activated

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  5. The “humane transfer of excess animals” is still being allowed, tho. To other federal state etc etc. That part is still in there!

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