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Summer Tabling in Yellowstone: BFC Opening Park Visitors’ Eyes to Buffalo Slaughter

Open Letter as published on The Buffalo Field Campaign

Photo by Aubrey Fite, BFC summer volunteer.

Working for Buffalo Field Campaign this summer has been one of the best experiences of my life. Having been a volunteer, and also volunteer coordinator during the field season, I always enjoy the work I do with BFC, but tabling in the park for me is the most rewarding. Being able to open peoples eyes to this issue is some of the most important work this organization has to do. There are so many visitors to Yellowstone who would have no idea how severely mismanaged the bison are. I also find it interesting the number of people who start out believing that there is no possible way that the Park Service would be inflicting such devastation on an animal it has been tasked to protect, but that is where the real rewards start. Being able to inform those people is the best part of the job. There is so many times where I talk to people who start out thinking that we must be exaggerating this issue. After a few minutes of talking they almost always realize that sadly we are not. Unfortunately, there are those few people who’s opinions on wildlife are so misguided that we can’t get through to them, but my hope is that the fact that they are willing to talk to us that maybe there is hope. Maybe one day they will be engaged in a similar debate and they will see that the “wildlife managers” don’t always do what’s best for the animals.

Photo by Aubrey Fite, BFC summer volunteer

I would like to thank everyone who has taken time out of their lives to come help us this summer. Its not as easy as it might seem; we have had a small but excellent turnout so far. I am not going to mention everyone by name but if you read this please know I am deeply grateful for your contribution, and for those reading this, it is not too late to come help! We still have one month of tabling left to do, and only one volunteer lined up. If you would like to come help for the last weeks of our summer send and email to me, the summer coordinator at We would love to have you!

With the Buffalo,
BFC Volunteer Coordinator

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  1. This organization is so fortunate in having caring, involved volunteers to DO the hard work! Their attempts to prevent slaughter of many more buffalo – not easy, nor in some cases, not safe! Sounds too much like the volunteers & on the ground groups trying to help our wild horses. Having our government agencies – who are supposed to CARE for wildlife & their habitat – being on the side of lobbyists & corporations – is scary.

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  2. Yes, more power to them to inform the public about urgent issues re: the innocent ones who are supported at our National Parks. Too bad that we can’t set up information tables at the BLM Holding Pens to share the current issues at hand re: the current administration’s plans to destroy the herds & steal their rights to their own land! We can’t set up a booth for information, but we can continue our fight along with our brethren orgs. who will fight to to end to save our precious wild horses & burros. Hurray for all volunteers & compassionate humans who stand up here for all innocent animals! Heroes ALWAYS!!


    • Yes, information tables would help – BUT we are not allowed to be there! At the very least, BFC can and will be in the field to do everything they can to help buffalo. The wild horse volunteers arent even given many opportunities to do that – without BLM & rancher harassment. And this harassment is encouraged!


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