Horse Slaughter

The Dinosaur that ate Ryan Zinke

Alexander Nazaryan as published on Yahoo News

“That specimen was found in a national monument you shrunk so you could sell mining rights,”

WASHINGTON — The dinosaur was a Lythronax, a fearsome predator who lived 80 million years ago. Known as the “King of Gore,” it spent its days feasting upon smaller dinosaurs on the continent of Laramidia. The dinosaur died and so did, eventually, all of its brethren. The land morphed, too, and Laramidia became part of what is today the western United States.

In 2009, the Bureau of Land Management, which oversees federal lands, discovered remains of the long-departed king in Utah, on land that is part of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. A replica of the skull sits in the office of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, next to a framed picture of Theodore Roosevelt and a tasseled leather notebook, of the sort where one might jot down poetic ruminations while camping out on the high desert of the true West.

Earlier this summer, Zinke tweeted a picture of this well-curated tableau, using the occasion of the latest entry in the “Jurassic Park” franchise…(CONTINUED)

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    Someone Needs to Explain Why I am Paying Ryan Zinke and His Staff
    Don Pogreba
    February 22, 2017

    The media got around this week to covering the worst-kept secret in Montana politics, that our sole representative in the House, Ryan Zinke, has been absent from the job almost from the beginning of the Congressional session. After receiving a lot of flak for voting to ease the sale of public lands, our brave SEAL has retreated from his duties, going so far as to wander around the House floor as one reporter noted, “living if not his best life, at least a better life.”

    Zinke has gone so far as to refuse to respond to the Montana press asking why he’s been AWOL from his duties and a number of Montanans have reported that his staff is so removed from their duties that voice mail boxes are full and calls are not returned in the Congressman’s office. This tidbit from ABC FOX today shows just how bad it’s become:

    Banville also says it’s odd that the congressman has gone silent for so long but that Senator Daines has said his staff has picked up some of the work of helping constituents get basic government services.

    “I certainly understand not wanting to do something that would be perceived as a conflict of interest of his future job from his current job. But he’s choosing not to vote right now. He’s choosing not to be the public face of Montana in the House of Representatives. The reason we don’t have a representative right now, it’s not that we don’t have one, he’s just choosing not to do the work,” said Banville.


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