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89 Wild Horses captured, 3 DEAD at Pancake HMA in Nevada

Source: RTF

“With just three days’ notice, BLM set out in July to capture and remove 250 wild horses…”

photo courtesy of Return to Freedom

The Bureau of Land Management on Tuesday ended its “emergency” bait-and-trap roundup at the Pancake Herd Management Area. 

BLM captured a total of 89 wild horses: 41 mares, 33 studs and 15 foals beginning on July 9, according to its gather reports. Three wild horses were put down:

  • A foal after suffering a broken leg when kicked by a horse in the trap area;
  • A 12-year-old sorrel stallion with a right rear club foot and a body composition score of 1.5 (between “thin” and “fair”) on a 10-point scale;
  • A 4-year-old bay mare suffering from water toxicity.

The wild horses removed will be transported to corrals in Fallon, Nevada, where they will be readied for adoption or moved to off-range pastures, according to BLM.

With just three days’ notice, BLM set out in July to capture and remove 250 wild horses because of what the agency says is insufficient water on a 120,000 portion of the 855,000-acre Herd Management Area. Prior to the roundup, the wild horse population was estimated at 2,160 wild horses compared to a BLM-set appropriate management level of 240-493 wild horses.

Take Action

Wild horses captured at the Pancake HMA are at increased risk of going to slaughter because of a new BLM sales policy that allows a buyer to purchase up to 24 wild horses or burros, no questions asked, with no waiting period. Previously, buyers could purchase no more than four animals every six months without receiving special permission. Please click here to send a message to Congress calling on lawmakers to demand that BLM revoke the new policy.

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  1. I am deeply saddened that so many turn their heads when they learn about the war against our horses. They believe the lies that those who stand to profit off the removal of the wild horses will gain. It’s become a world of greed, lies and terribly misguided sheep that cannot handle the truth. God help the beautiful horse and those that appreciate and take a stand for them. ❤

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  2. The BLM is making big headway this year toward managing to extinction. They use any excuse they can to rid our public lands of our wild horses and burros of their legally designated lands which are to be principally given to them. I am ashamed of our government who pushes for this and even more important … I am so sorry for each and every one of our wild ones who suffer at the hands of our government due to the lies of filthy BLM .


  3. From AWHC

    Cattoor Livestock Roundup, the BLM’s helicopter roundup contractor of choice. In 1975, they began working for the BLM rounding wild horses and burros with helicopters as well as processing and transporting them. As of 2010, they had captured over 150,000 wild horses and burros for the BLM. Today, the number is closer to 200,000. From 2008-2018, the Cattoors have made $20,462,928 through 159 contracts with the BLM

    Sun J Livestock of Vernal Utah pulled in $7,738,566 via 33 contracts with the BLM between 2008 and 2018.

    Sampson Livestock, headed by a former Cattoor employee, is newer on the scene. Sampson earned $1,682,994 through roundup contracts with BLM between 2012-2018.

    Bait Trappers
    Uhalde Livestock LLC of Ely, Nevada was awarded a $5 million contract in September 2017 to conduct trapping operations in the 10 Western states to remove wild horses and burros from public lands.


  4. 5 Nevada ranches selected for Trump admininstration’s grazing projects
    Mar 27, 2018

    “Other authorized projects in Nevada will be at the Willow Ranch at Battle Mountain, Smith Creek Ranch at Carson City, and JOHN UHALDE and COMPANY in Ely.”

    The Bureau of Land Management has announced 11 demonstration projects in six states for its outcome-based grazing authorizations initiative, which is designed to provide BLM managers and grazing permit holders greater flexibility in the management of permitted livestock.

    Five of the projects are in northern Nevada, including the Winecup-Gamble Ranch and the Elko Land and Livestock Company, a Newmont subsidiary that owns and operates the TS, Horseshoe, Big Springs and IL ranches.

    Other authorized projects in Nevada will be at the Willow Ranch at Battle Mountain, Smith Creek Ranch at Carson City, and John Uhalde and Company in Ely.


  5. Pure insanity once again created from the Trump Admistration & Dinky Zinke.! And the news from the Canadien Horse Defence, still trying to stop the innocent draft horses being shipped live (to be slaughtered) from Canada to Japan? On a cruel transport plane limited stall space, nor adequate food or water? with no equine veterinarian on
    board to protect & document their welfare ?? Omg! Because the draft horses have more lbs in meat?? And the airlines who profit from this?? Some are US Cargo airlines… Speak up, we have to stop this insanity. Thanks for listening!! More insanity for us to deal with. Plus so many US horses are shipped to Canada & Mexico. Feeling angry & frustrate now, once again. Would like to hear others input. Just dont grasp how people think that horses & other animals are disposable, when they give us their all, and teach us so very much! Many tears & ughs!

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    • An average (construction type) water truck holds 4000 gallons and an average horse drinks about 5-10 gallons of water per day. You can do the math … one water truck load would supply 400-800 horses with water for a day but just using “averages” one water truck per week would supply those 89 wild horses (now dead and captured) with the water they needed to survive till the rains hit. And … knowing that wild horses will naturally migrate to springs and other water sources, I ask … were springs fenced off (as seen many times on wild horse legal lands) or were the horses unable to get to natural water sources due to livestock fencing? I have no faith in BLM’s (or USFS) “management” of our wild ones … except for the obvious managing to extinction.


  6. This is truly a sad ending for our protections promised for our wild horses The BLM leaders mostly ranchers on the board and only horse activist who does not agree with their war on our horses and burros.Ranchers and trophy hunters a huge conflict of interest in charge of making deadly desitions affecting our protected horses and burros.

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