The Force of the Horse

Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ Ya Gotta Luv Um

“For those who are blessed and able to live with their equine companions life is often a steady stream of giggles and grins.  Throw in a few resident cats and dogs and there is hardly ever a moment not filled with frivolity and merriment…I am chortling over that last comment, it could be a blessing and other days a, ummm, errrr, curse?  Have fun, relate, compare and enjoy! (Disclaimer: scenes/shots that show enclosures of barbed wire and uncapped T-posts are inexcusable, unacceptable and unsafe for not only horses but their two legged friends.  I do not endorse such lack of care and concern.)” ~ R.T.

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  1. I see a lot of pictures and videos of horses picking up buckets, rags, etc. and shaking or running with them. A wise old trainer told me something. When a horse gets something in his teeth and gets spooked, he sometimes can’t let go. His jaw just stays clamped. That’s a good thing to be aware of when getting your face up close….especially when around a young horse that hasn’t yet learned “people manners”.This trainer was a stickler for safety for both horses and people. What most of them like best is to be scratched or rubbed at the withers or on the crest of the neck ,…places they can’t reach themselves…feels SO good

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