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BLM’s National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board votes again to kill many wild horses & burros

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting in Salt Lake City concluded today, and once again, this Advisory Board voted to recommend that the BLM kill large numbers of wild horses & burros, and to sell other wild horses & burros without restriction (including international sales and adoptions) over the next 8 years.  Sales without restrictions will mean that more of America’s wild horses & Burros will end up in the slaughter pipeline.

Ginger Kathrens, Exec. Dir. of The Cloud Foundation and Celeste Carlisle of Return to Freedom were the only Advisory Board members who voted against this recommendation.

The Advisory Board members are appointed by the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture.  Most of the members of this Advisory Board heavily favor livestock grazing interests.  This Advisory Board only offers recommendations to the BLM.

Wild Horse Freedom Federation will be issuing more detailed comments about this meeting and we will keep you posted on what you can do to help with our action alerts.





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  1. The Corporate Community, Nonprofit Organizations, and Federal Advisory Committees: A Study in Linkages (excerpts)
    by G. William Domhoff

    Federal advisory committees are a little-known, little-studied, but often important link between the corporate community and the federal government.

    Not much was known about these committees until the early 1970s, when Senator Lee Metcalf of Montana turned his attention to them.

    More recently, Balla and Wright (2001) conclude that “interest groups” are able to place their members on relevant federal advisory committees, which for these political scientists means that the government receives good information on the “true preferences” of private interests. Well, that’s one way of putting it, I guess.

    The comparison of committees with open and closed meetings, using sophisticated quantitative analyses, provided support for the idea that some advisory committees are “captured” by one or another industry.

    More generally, Dreiling’s study is one of the most sophisticated and detailed quantitative analyses ever produced of the overall tight relationships among corporations, policy groups, Political Action Committees (PACs), federal advisory committees, and Congress. It shows how the policy groups work through the advisory committees to develop the policy initiatives they want presented to Congress, then form temporary lobbying groups to make sure their plans get through Congress. The donations from the PACs come into the picture by reminding the legislators of the source of most of their campaign funding, the corporate community.


    • Thats VERY informative! Makes it clear just how much “government” is being & has been co-opted by corporations. I’m sure it hasnt changed since this study was done. There is where some light should be shown!


  2. I watched some on the 10th – till they took a lunch break! But yesterday just got the message that they would be back soon!!!! So missed yesterdays meeting – sounds like the one last year tho. How in the world did WE get 2 people on there at the same time?? Thats new.


  3. Found this link of the past livestreams but nothing yet for this week’s meetings. I trust they will be available soon for the wider public unable to attend. There is no information on the BLM website indicating 2018 access or archiving, though, and it is not a BLM site that provides the older ones. It’s an open question about why the BLM can’t provide a timely link of a public meeting for the public that pays their wages. My local city council does this routinely for a weekly meeting. It seems an annual or biannual BLM Advisory Board meeting would be an easier task.




  5. Why is there still no release of the 2018 Advisory Board recommendations available to the public? I at least have been unable to unearth them, though they surely exist. Not even the BLM website has any links to the “recommendations” made at the meeting, nor any accounting of the meeting either.

    I would like to share with people running for office but need the original source.



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