Day: October 21, 2018

Thoughts of My Heart in the Face of a Rising Storm

“We are going to do something a little different for ‘Feel Good Sunday’, today.

Over the past several weeks many long time advocates have contacted me with intense care and concern regarding the future safety and welfare of our wild equines, including the issue of predatory horse slaughter which also affects our domestic horses and donkeys. Many of these advocates we have known for years and you can hear the tension an desperation in their words, we echo the same emotions.

My pat answer is that we can’t give up, we simply cannot turn our backs and slink back into the mass of lemmings that know not what is going on around them. We have seen the brutality, witnessed the cruelty and heard all of the lies so we are forever changed and committed to do what is right, what is just, and what is in alignment with the circle of life.

We will fight on…and today, for Feel Good Sunday, our longtime friend and fellow advocate, Biologist Robert C. Bauer so eloquently pens our mutual thoughts and shares them with us, this day.

Today we will not publish laughs and frivolity, instead we will speak from the heart and hold each other closely as we tighten our cinches for another week of battle.

Be at peace, my friends, as you do not fight alone…we are an army of thousands on a crusade of compassion and caring. In the end; good shall win over evil.

Feel GOOD this Sunday!” ~ R.T.

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