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What is “Humane Euthanasia” According to BLM?

photo:  lasvegasnow.com / cbs 8 news

“There is nothing humane about shooting horses in the gut, shoulder, back and legs” – Lisa Friday 

Source:  The Cloud Foundation

What is “Humane Euthanasia” According to BLM?

Wild Horses gut shot in Nevada cover-up

For Immediate Release – Richmond, VA – October 19, 2018

Eight wild horses in Northern Nevada were shot and killed in what the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is calling “humane euthanasia.”  Originally the BLM stated they knew nothing about the incident that happened in late August.  But yesterday, the BLM “fessed up” to what is now being called by The Cloud Foundation, a 501(3)c mustang advocacy group,  “anything BUT humane.”

“There is nothing humane about shooting horses in the gut, shoulder, back and legs,” stated Lisa Friday, Communication Director for The Cloud Foundation (TCF).  “If this is the definition of humane euthanasia so often spouted by BLM officials, our wild horses are in a world of hurt.”

BLM cited a lack of water for their actions. But, Madeline Pickens, who owns the private land as well as leased BLM lands around Boone Spring where the horses were gunned down, offered to repair the spring only to be denied. Inside sources tell The Cloud Foundation that BLM shirked their duty by not allowing Pickens to repair Boone Springs, a much needed water source for the horses.  Additional emergency efforts by Ms. Pickens were also nixed.

“I am extremely concerned about the BLM’s definition of ‘humane euthanasia,’” stated Ginger Kathrens, volunteer Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation and the Humane Advisor on the BLM National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board.  “Humane Euthanasia is contained in all the management options the BLM is currently putting forth. What they did to these poor animals was certainly not humane. Rather than relieve pain and suffering, they inflicted it.”

“We ask the BLM to immediately provide us with their definition of ‘humane euthanasia’ before more horses are tortured like these Nevada mustangs,’” Friday concludes.

Today, TCF learned that 24 horses in the just concluded Warm Springs. Oregon helicopter round up were “humanely euthanized” by BLM.  What does this actually mean?

Media Contact – Lisa Friday



The Cloud Foundation (TCF) is a Colorado based 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of wild horses and burros on our western public lands.

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  1. Last time I checked, if you shot an animal senseless and left it to rot, it was considered poaching. If this drunken teenager target practice-style shooting is the BLM’s definition of euthanasia, they are unfit to manage public lands and every moving creature that occupies them.


  2. I hope and pray someone in our government can stop the acts of the BLM they are not there to protect the horses and burros but to get rid of them at any means necessary This is a disgrace


  3. OMG ! 24 more probably murdered. How can the BLM and FS be stopped ? These atrocities have been going on for decades.


    • Gut Shot Wild animal – Imagine yourself dying this way!
      Gut shot is a slow and agonizing way for an animal to die often taking up to 12 hours of more.


      • Yes, I know and those who did this knew that too so it appears they did it on purpose just to torture these poor horses and to spite Madeleine.
        Just think ranchers used to run wild horses over cliffs and even sawed off their legs when they got caught in rocks. When are humans ever going to become civilized or are we just God’s mistake ?


      • Not a smart move – showing exactly what this BLM’s “humane anesthesia ” entails! Showing the 70% (?) of the public who does not want horse slaughter exactly how humane this agency’s version of it is!
        This agency and, its employees, will do anything so that livestock grazing can continue to devastate the water, the range and the environment! Reading Western Turf Wars – shows that nothing has changed as far as the BLM or the FS protection of livestock grazing in the past 20 or 30 years and thats from retired employees of the BLM & FS.



    Does BLM And DHS Really Have Snipers?

    You’re having to pay “contract cowboys” because you don’t really know anything about animals, do you? No, really. You seriously don’t know anything about animals? You call yourselves Bureau of Land Management and not a single one of you knows how to ride a horse or handle cattle. How disgusting and ridiculous.



  5. MODOC

    Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Emergency Rescue-SAVE the DG 300 from Slaughter (facebook)
    Update from USFS:

    Oct. 18 wild horse gather update
    Release Date: Oct 19, 2018

    Yesterday, 18 horses were gathered from the Devil’s Garden Plateau Wild Horse Territory on the Modoc
    A total of 340 have been gathered so far.

    Two horses have been treated by a veterinarian for small lacerations and will continue to be monitored. One orphan foal was placed in foster care of a local individual under a maintenance agreement. A mare with a chronic pre-existing condition was evaluated by a veterinarian then EUTHANIZED on Oct. 18.



    • So how many days has it taken them to round up all of 340 horses? And there are supposed to be 3,900 “out there”? I’m thinking their “guesstimates” rate right down there with the BLMs! Seems to me if there are almost 4,000 wild horses out there & they arent “finding ” them – maybe the counts off!


  6. The photo of the emaciated horse is credited by the Las Vegas Sun now as being supplied by the BLM. However, none of the photos I’ve seen of the dead horses match the markings on this one, so the provenance of the photo is highly suspect.

    A full investigation is warranted, and the horses shot should be clearly identified, not blurred out, to see if any match the photos the BLM is claiming are the horses they “humanely euthanized” but who clearly were killed without justification or humanity.

    We must NOT accept bogus photos, and insist on verifying sources! One thin horse could be old, or sick, or injured, but the surrounding animals’ condition tells us they are not suffering a similar condition, and all of them may be at another location entirely, or perhaps are long dead if the photo is older.


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