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Breaking News! Wild Mare Spay Experiment Has Been Abandoned by BLM


Breaking News!

Today we heard from our attorneys that the BLM has abandoned the wild mare spay experiment in Oregon. This was very welcome news – last week on Friday a Federal judge ruled in favor of our Preliminary Injunction, halting the cruel and dangerous overiectomy via colpotomy experiments until our case could be heard in court, which gave temporary relief and safety for these Warm Springs mares, but now the BLM has withdrawn completely from this plan.

This withdrawal is a victory to wild horse advocates and plaintiffs in the case: the American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC), Animal Welfare Institute (AWI); The Cloud Foundation and its executive director Ginger Kathrens, who is also a member of the National BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board; and photographer Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

A huge thank you to our wonderful law firm who has been representing us: Meyer Glitzenstein & Eubanks LLP.

Read the government’s filing here:

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  1. Hmmm…I wonder if some of their sychophants in Congress are gone now after the election. Are they feeling the rug being yanked from under their nasty feet?


  2. Medical Malpractice Related to Unnecessary Surgery
    By Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C.

    “Unnecessary surgery is a type of medical malpractice. A form of medical malpractice that has become an alarming and growing problem in the U.S. is unnecessary surgery.
    This type of malpractice can lead to life-threatening complications and completely alter an individual’s life. When a surgeon performs and unnecessary surgery, it is an act of medical negligence. Doctors should take every precaution before deciding to prescribe any type of invasive surgery to a patient. When there is a failure to do this and it results in unnecessary surgery, they may be held legally liable. Unnecessary surgery can lead to serious or even life-threatening complications. Some of the risks include hemorrhaging, damage to organs, infection, amputation and anesthesia errors. Putting animals through unnecessary surgery where they face complications that could significantly alter their life is a form of medical negligence.”


  3. Don’t trust BLM. Are these mares now subject to the “24 without limit or restriction “ plan? Well they’re sort of safe for now. Wish they were free…. if wishes were horses……

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    • Thanks Icy. I doubt that Trump knows one end of a horse from the other and certainly does not know that OUR wild horses and burros belong to the American people and if he knows anything about our wild ones then it is false data provided by the BLM who continually and falsely states (lies) that there is an “excess”.


  4. Attorney General Becerra Warns the U.S. Forest Service that Selling California’s Wild Horses for Slaughter Violates the Law

    ACRAMENTO – California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, in a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and Chief of the U.S. Forest Service Vicki Christiansen, today urged the Secretary and the Chief to reverse their decision allowing the U.S. Forest Service (Forest Service) to offer California’s wild horses for sale without restriction. California law prohibits the possession or sale of horses with the intent of using them for human consumption. Additionally, federal law prohibits the Department of the Interior, which manages most of the country’s wild horses, from selling horses to be used in commercial products. The Forest Service has traditionally followed the practice of the Department of the Interior and has historically respected California’s law. However, the Forest Service is now changing its policy, stating that some of the horses under its management may be put up for unconditional sale after 90 days.

    “To slaughter for commercial consumption mustangs that have roamed California for over a century is not only atrocious, but unlawful,” said Attorney General Xavier Becerra. “These majestic animals captivate the imagination and symbolize the rugged independence of the American West. We urge the federal government to treat the Modoc National Forest and its wildlife with the respect that it is due by protecting these beautiful wild horses from the commercial slaughterhouse.”


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