The Force of the Horse

Early “Feel Good Sunday”: Our 2018 in Review

Sorry folks, I am taking the Weekend off!!!

Early tomorrow morning I am jumping on a plane, here in Omaha, while Terry boards an aircraft in Houston so that we can rendezvous in an undisclosed location and spend Saturday evening together participating in some gala festivities, together…so for the first time, I am NOT traveling with a computer.  I am getting a little better at listening to my inner-husband.

And with that said, I am sharing a few video moments from our past year’s travel as I spent the winter in Maine working a consulting gig at a paper-mill while living on a river, to Terry flying up to ride back home to our ranch in the Houston area and then she drove me up to Omaha where I am providing HSE assistance in building mega-data centers for a secret social media giant.

We rent a little cottage up here, for me, and Terry and I bounce back and forth on weekends with her coming up here, when there is no snow, and me going down south to attack the ole “Honey-do” lists.

So even though we did not travel to exotic locations we did manage to see visit places where we had never been before with the added benefit of enjoying eachother’s company at the same time.

That is the plan for this weekend…(I really suck at retirement)

Ya’ all behave and have a good time yourselves and never forget how special each and everyone of you are to the future well being of our wild horses and burros.

Keep the faith…

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      • Well this winter has been “different” so far (NY) like a roller coaster – 22 one day then up to 59 then back down
        and RAIN!!! Both my dog & I really like the snow & cold – in our later years!! Today its rain & lower 30s – not good. Kind of figured the wintry stuff isnt like Texas – my granddaughter lived in Houston for quite a few years -so heard about her weather. Enjoy your time “off”.


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