Wild Horses/Mustangs

Heritage horses shot on Fort Polk land – Peason Ridge, Louisiana

Source:  Pegasus Equine Guardian Association

While accidents happen during hunting season, this most certainly was INTENTIONAL and DELIBERATE and not a case of “mistaken for a deer.”

by Pegasus Equine Guardian Association

I wish I had better news to ring in the New Year but, sadly I received a report on the afternoon of December 29th, 2018 that a well known herd family was shot dead on Peason Ridge, Louisiana.

It appears as though the 5 horses were shot by what is being described as possibly a “high powered rifle”, from a gravel road that runs through the area.  It is obvious this was a malicious act, as it appears a whole herd family was massacred in an area they are known to frequent. Initial reports, from a source who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation says, “Hunter found the killed horses possibly Dec 27 or 28 and Ft Polk was contacted. General Frank was briefed and he sent Wildlife personnel to Investigate the circumstances after he was briefed.” 

On December 30th I went out to document and witness for myself the 5 horses that were gunned down. As I made my way out onto the clearing I saw 2 horses in the distance, grazing (pictured below). I spent a few moments here, collecting my thoughts and preparing to see the sad scene where the 5 lay.

Nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see. This was a gruesome, cowardly, sick, and absolutely deliberate hate crime! I truly can not fathom the spiteful evilness of this act.

Among the dead were; 2 mares, a stud, a filly, and a yearling. What’s interesting is that all these horses were shot pretty much in the same location on their body except for a mare who was also shot in the face, point blank range. I walked to each horse to document their wounds as best I could. Below are graphic photos of the 5 horses killed.


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  1. So were any bullets or casings retrieved to identify the firearm? Article mentions they were all mostly shot in the same area so it is unlikely they had time to run after the first shot, indicating semi or full automatic weapons were used, as are probably widely available on the base. I expect this was target practice, someone having “fun” between Christmas and New Year’s.

    If these horses were buried without any retrieval of evidence, there are more than carcasses being covered up.

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  2. Soldiers Thank WWI War Horses and Donkeys with Touching Tribute

    The touching black and white photo is believed to have been taken by officers of the Auxiliary Remount Dept. No.326 in Camp Cody, New Mexico in 1915.

    The image shows about 650 soldiers standing in a formation that, from above, resembles a cavalry horse’s head, neck, and bridle — a true tribute from the soldiers to the many horses who fought, and often died, by their side in the Great War.


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