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Feel Good Sunday: “Story of the Horse”

“Happy Day Off to all of you; hoping that you all are doing well…so for today, no words of wisdom, no introspection and no worries, just a pointer towards a most interesting program/series that is coming up on PBS/Nature…”The Story of the Horse“. 

We rarely promote or highlight individual networks/shows but PBS and Nature brought Ginger Kathrens and Cloud to us so there is a little tug on our loyalty strings when a major network gives a damn about equines.

Looking forward to viewing this myself and I sincerely hope that all of you are taking today off and enjoying the love and joy of your family and friends, be they 2/4 legged, winged or finned.  All Life Matters.

Keep the Faith.” ~ R.T.

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  1. These magnificent creatures…we owe them so much

    From Photojournalist – Journalist

    A Simple Moment In Time — Wild Horses (excerpts)

    Mother Nature has blessed us this day, as we return her children to their rightful home. We placed no chemical or other methods derived from human-perception, within their bodies – we will leave them with how we helped them, with pleasant memories, and know that a proper respect was taken and given, from living souls, one to another – human to horse, horse to human and each in our way.

    Now surrounded by the smell of the rye grass, they stood motionless inside the trailers. Silent, unmoving, and their eyes – I could see their eyes while I walked toward the trailers. Love is the only term I could really think of at that moment, and the child-like anticipation they showed. They knew they were safe.
    I raised my hand in the air, gave the slide-out sign. The trailer doors opened simultaneously.

    The first horse, in the far trailer stepped out, the mare, the Queen. Her majestic manner expressed a Queen, for sure. Her stance as she watched her Stallion, James, step out from the trailer nearest me. I simply knelled and watched, along with the crew, at such amazing and majestic movements from these horses. They knew their homeland well. Each sniffed and snorted for a moment. Finally, they understood in total, the ground they stood, being safe for all of them.

    The need for our ego-blessed manipulations did not exist – we saved them from those who believe their manipulations correct, and Mother Nature wrong, for some odd reason. But one thing we all believed in doing this, was that we knew the twisting and reworking of the term Humane was worthless – their definition not of Humane Reasoning what so ever; because just like the wild horses, we knew those who benefited from birth controls and castration, were only mindful toward greed, toward wild horses no longer existing on this planet.

    The small band of nine horses come together in the knee-high rye grass. James stopped, looking back at me, his eyes glowed, his stance majestic, his black coat swayed, his mane blew upward, in contrast with the green rye grass around his legs. The breeze swayed the grass very slight, as if bowing to that same majestic stand of James. His chest thrust out.

    He was telling me, Thank You. I know what you did, and for my family and I, Thank You.

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  2. Wasn’t this gorgeous? And to think of any thug mistreating or harming such a sensitive animal really brings out the beast in me. The part about how intelligent, intuitive and emotional they are was really fascinating –


  3. And of course, the woman who saved the Przewalski’s horses from extinction really deserves a medal of honor. The ancient ancestor of the horse was fascinating too – the Dawn Horse fossil saved so clearly from the Eocene period.


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