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Wild horse management group volunteers claim they were shot at over the weekend

By: Jennifer Martinez as published on Fox 10 Phoenix

“This is the second time that our facility has been shot at…”

A free-roaming mare plays with her one-day-old foal near the Salt River in Arizona.
Photo by Elizabeth Stuart

PHOENIX (FOX 10) There were some scary moments for volunteers with the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group, after they say they were shot at Sunday.

Sheriff’s officials are investigating, but volunteers are on edge, wanting to know why they are being targeted. Sunday was not the first time the volunteers came under fire. A similar incident happened in September, and even though those men are now behind bars, the group still wants to know why the dangerous threats continue.

“This is the second time that our facility has been shot at,” said Simone Netherlands.

“It ricocheted off some metal. It happened rather quickly this time I yelled duck,” said a volunteer, who did not want to be identified.

Volunteers are unsure why anyone would target the rescue, which sits along Beeline Highway.

“I have no words for the experience being shot at,” said the volunteer. “It’s very unbelievable that it happened twice.”

“It’s not going to stop us from doing what we do and protecting wild horses, but it’s certainly scary for our volunteers, knowing that we’re getting gunned at from the highway,” said Netherlands.

Just last month, seven wild horses were found shot dead in the Heber area. Volunteers hope it’s not related.

Volunteers are hoping they can get some surveillance cameras on the property for at least some protection. Meanwhile, anyone with information on who may be responsible should call the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

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  1. What will happen with shooters firing at people?? Something Must be done, it is getting like the wild west with the killing of horses & people. This is very serious, people cannot shoot horses!!!!

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    • As I read it they were shot at their Sanctuary, not on public land, so this should bring to action the full force and power of the law, especially since it happened before. The path from violence to animals to violence to humans is well known and to ignore it here may lead to preventable tragedy.


  2. Possibly someone that’s being paid? So many targeted and killed that it appears to be more than just random acts of violence. An ENTIRE HERD was wiped out.


  3. This is attempted murder.
    There were people in the crosshairs… WHERE is the FBI?
    The local sheriff is ‘investigating’?
    Get the Federal Marshalls on this, Arizona!

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  4. Heber mare with gunshot wound reportedly euthanized
    By Laura Singleton The Independent

    In another unfortunate turn of events, a palomino mare referred to as “Angel,” was found alive but injured in the same area and had to be euthanized later that same day.

    “Our boots-on-the group members had been keeping an eye on her because she looked injured,” explained Val Cecema-Hogsett of Citizens Against Equine Slaughter (CAES). “Those at the scene saw the mare go down and asked Deputy Lopez to look at her but said he didn’t have time to look at another horse.”

    Horse advocates also called the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Phoenix office in an effort turn over 35 anonymous phone tips about the horse deaths. “We have already provided the anonymous tips to the FBI as they were the agency that was receptive,” confirms Cecema-Hogsett. “

    “Originally, we preferred the tips went to the Forest Service or to Deputy John Lopez, but they would not call us back and he has still not contacted us.”

    “I also contacted Navajo County Sheriff’s Office with tips but it was during the government furlough so I was directed back to the Forest Service because that’s what everyone was instructed to do at the time,” says Cecema-Hogsett.

    “We recognize that NCSO is stuck in the middle of all this and we were really impressed with Navajo County Deputy Shawna Manygoats,” she adds.


  5. David Clouse becomes 9th Sheriff of Navajo County as Kelly “KC” Clark steps down
    By Bob Martinson The Independent

    Feb 15, 2019

    HOLBROOK — David Clouse is a grandson of former Navajo County Sheriff Glenn Flake. Thirty-two years ago, Flake pinned a badge on Sheriff Kelly “KC” Clark, who retired on Tuesday. Clouse was appointed Sheriff of Navajo County when Clark pinned the badge on him.


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