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BLM seeks bids for new off-range pastures for wild horses and burros

BLM Press Release

“Instead of leaving the Wild Ones on their Congressionally approved, rightful range (FREE) the BLM spends millions of your tax dollars capturing, harming, maiming and imprisoning Wild Horses and Burros on YOUR dime…perfect!”

WASHINGTON— The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced today that it is seeking contractors for off-range pastures to provide a free-roaming environment and quality care for wild horses removed from Western public lands. The BLM will award multiple contracts that can accommodate 200 – 5,000 head of wild horses, with a four-year or nine-year renewal option. All contracts require supplemental feed for a minimum of four months to ensure that animals maintain a quality body condition throughout the dormant months.

Bids will be accepted from the following states through May 3, 2019: Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas “Panhandle” (only north of Hwy 82 and 84), Utah, Washington and Wyoming. The area west of the Cascade Mountain. Range in Oregon and Washington is excluded.

Applicants who are new to conducting business with the government must first obtain a Dun and Bradstreet number at and then register at  to respond to the solicitation. No fee is involved. The solicitation describes what to submit to the BLM and where to send it. To obtain the contract solicitation:

(1) Go to;

(2) Click on “Search Public Opportunities”;

(3) Under Search Criteria, select “Reference Number”;

(4) Enter the solicitation’s reference number “140L0119R0002;

(5) Click Search” and once the solicitation’s information appears, download the information on the right.

For assistance, please contact Kemi Ismael at (202) 912-7098 or Ms. Ismael can assist with general questions. A list of frequently asked questions is available at:

As of March 1, 2018, the wild horse and burro population on public lands was estimated at 82,000 animals, which is more than triple the number of animals the land can support in conjunction with other legally mandated land uses. To learn more about the wild horse or burro program, visit

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  1. If any winning “bids” come in over $1.35/AUM the public is being scammed, since all or nearly all legal areas for free-roaming wild horses and burros on our public lands is shared with livestock who pay no more than this for either 2 or 5 privately owned livestock. Is a class action lawsuit in order yet?



    Wild Horses and Bureau of Land Management – Organized Crime?

    “It’s pretty much a joke how the entire horse program is handled,” says Dale Tunnell, Special Agent in charge of the BLM’s division of Law Enforcement in Santa Fe. “They’ll run one herd into another management area and say it’s overpopulated. Then they’ll take a certain number of horses off the land. The cattle ranchers have a significant say on how those ranges are managed. The managers will do anything to keep those ranchers off their hind ends. The whole purpose is to remove wild horses from the public lands. If they could decimate the herds to where they could die out and become extinct, it would make the politicians and the bureaucrats extremely happy.” Horses to Slaughter, 1993 Investigation

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  3. So we, because public lands are ours, make a pittance leasing public lands for cattle. But then we pay for America’s Mustangs to be warehoused where they can’t be seen? It isn’t a new question, sadly, but one to keep asking.

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    • We make nothing, in fact the grazing permit program goes in the red around $140 million annually, not including the costs of the wild horse and burro program, or that half the permit fees are used to support grazing “improvements” like fencing and water impoundment structures, or any of the larger environmental costs which also are diverted to the non-permit holding public.

      There’s not much point in continually asking the questions we already know the answers for, the larger one is how to fix this broken and corrupt system, and soon.

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  4. How much taxpayer money has been just handed over to the livestock contractors that capture, abuse, and remove America’s Wild Horses & Burros from their legally designated lands.?

    The Upcoming Explosion in Government Contract Litigation

    We are entering a period of unprecedented oversight of federal government contractors. New laws, regulations, and policies are adding layers of complexity to an already overly complex system. There is a growing tendency to point to government contractors of all types as the source of widespread waste, fraud, and abuse. In addition, the government is substantially increasing not only the number of employees dedicated to contract oversight and enforcement but also the authority of investigators. The one “certainty” surrounding the many changes being made is that contractors will be increasingly forced to defend themselves in both administrative and judicial forums. This article presents an overview of some reports issued by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), executive orders, and statutory changes that have emerged over the last two years and will result in a significant increase in government contract disputes and litigation.

    Click to access The-Upcoming-Explosion-in-Government-Contract-Litigation.aspx

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