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OpEd by Grandma Gregg

“With all the other evil garbage at the advisory board meeting Friday, the actual facts of the Sinbad burro deaths were skimmed over as if these deaths meant nothing and not worth talking about…”

photo by Grandma Gregg

photo by Grandma Gregg

BLM’s “research” report to the advisory board included the fact that during the recent capture for “research”, 25 captured wild burros died and then 6 more were found dead on the Sinbad range.

236 wild burros were captured from the Sinbad Utah legal wild horse and burro range. Some were to be removed and some were to have radio collars and then returned to the wild. The BLM was pre-warned but ignored the fact that previous BLM radio-collaring experiments caused many deaths but of course they didn’t care. in the 1980s similar “research” was done on wild horses with devastating results including collars being embedded into the wild horses’ flesh and some ultimate deaths caused by this collaring procedure (see below link).

With all the other evil garbage at the advisory board meeting Friday, the actual facts of the Sinbad burro deaths were skimmed over as if these deaths meant nothing and not worth talking about. They did finally admit that they thought (where are the necropsy reports!) the deaths might have been caused by equine herpes which is highly contagious. Did the wild burros get this deadly infection from the contractor’s horses or from filthy corral panels at temporary holding facilities or from filthy horse trailers or did they die after being shipped to Axtell facility? The Sinbad burros were shipped to the Axtell Utah holding facility. So how many wild burros were then infected and died at the Axtell facility because of this? The most recent BLM facility report (July 2016) stated there were 800 burros at the Axtell facility but an eye witness reported to me as of yesterday, only 85 burros were seen there. The BLM’s online Sinbad 2016 capture report provided some statistics that stated they had captured 236 burros and only ONE death. The online vet reports all said that the burros were all fine. Well, of course they lied – dead burros are not “fine”!

9/9/2016 Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board (excerpts):

“… with the situation with the Sinbad burros, there are some questions that we discussed with that. It was part of a — a research project, not only to get to AML, but also the special use of habitat by burros and the recitability of burros and Paul can give a greater update on that. There was — when those animals came in, there started to be some death. And there was 25 burros within the corrals that died and during the research project, six additional burros were located on the range that had also died and the preliminary results of those findings for those burros is that it was viral pneumonia, brought on by — I have to get Al to give me the — the equine — equine herpes… This virus has been identified for over 20 years in horses and donkeys and in domestic populations not very much is known about the disease ecology or how, when or why it causes illness sometimes. So it was a little bit of a surprise to find it… There was absolutely no relation between the mortality that occurred, any of the mortality and the research project. So no relationship to the collars that were used on the animals or that sort of thing. >> GINGER KATHRENS: So additional stress wouldn’t have been a factor at all? >> I think the elements that occur during any gather is a factor. Stress is one of those elements. Dehydration, dust, those sorts of things affect pulmonary clearance and this virus is known to modulate immune function and act like a typical herpes virus. So all of those things play into — come into play, but I don’t think the stress related to the handling in the research project had that much to do with it. It’s more of the bigger picture. of being gathered and removed…”

Information on Equine Herpes from the American Association of Equine Practitioners (excerpts):

Equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) and equine herpesvirus type 4 (EHV-4) can each infect the respiratory tract, causing disease that varies in severity from sub-clinical to severe and is characterized by fever, lethargy, anorexia, nasal discharge, and cough. Infection of the respiratory tract with EHV-1 and EHV-4 typically first occurs in foals in the first weeks or months of life, but recurrent or recrudescent clinically apparent infections are seen in weanlings, yearlings, and young horses entering training, especially when horses from different sources are commingled. Equine herpesvirus type 1 causes epidemic abortion in mares, the birth of weak nonviable foals, or a sporadic paralytic neurologic disease (equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy-EHM) secondary to vasculitis of the spinal cord and brain.

Both EHV-1 and EHV-4 spread via aerosolized secretions from infected coughing horses, by direct and indirect (fomite) contact with nasal secretions, and, in the case of EHV-1, contact with aborted fetuses, fetal fluids, and placentae associated with abortions. Like herpesviruses in other species, these viruses establish latent infection in the majority of horses, which do not show clinical signs but may experience reactivation of infection and shedding of the virus when stressed.

BLM Sinbad wild burro capture report:

 “1991 WILD HORSE POPULATIONS: FIELD STUDIES IN GENETICS AND FERTILITY Report to the Bureau of Land Management U.S. Department of the Interior Committee on Wild Horse and Burro Research Board on Agriculture National Research Council”.


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  1. I am an American citizen and taxpayer.
    The BLM has no right to kill my wild horses. I propose the BLM BOD be disbanded and fired for bad management and illegal use of power and be investigated for fraud, corruption, and misuse of funds, power and management.

    In summary, the BLM’s master plan for decades has been to roundup, roundup, roundup until holding pens are busting at the seams to make it a crisis situation and at the same time do sterilization, selling to kill buyers to the slaughter house pipeline, gelding, spaying, busting up families, darting with birth control, running foals till they drop by helicopter, pushing herds out of safe protected areas, possible fire starting to burn grazing areas, fencing out of water areas, cutting fences of protected areas, destroying watering systems, to actually shooting and total eradication of wild herds. Along with selling out the public lands to cattle association members, oil, gas and mining corporations, and a full scale publicity campaign that blames the wild horses and burros for every problem on the public lands…from effecting hunting, populations of or antelope, sage grouse, cattle and ranchers welfare and future, to deterioration of the range and water holes and everything else they can think of to possibly kill off the wild mustang and burro. In-house BLM documents show their studies to complete this bizarre, inhumane, needless plan which is completely unacceptable to the American public who owns these wild horses the burros and the public lands.

    Why have the advocates have hit so many brick walls after thousands of letters and public outcries to protect these wild horses and burros? The BLM’s masterminded plan, funded by big interests like the Cattleman’s Association, oil, gas, and mining groups is a hidden agenda that must be uncovered and exposed by the national media.

    This internal BLM file is unbelievable. it is a road map plan to euthanize, sterilize, geld, zero out, spay, made 100% permanent infertile mares, big stallion to mare ratio and sale of all horses in holding pens without limitation. A MUST READ FOR ALL ADVOCATES TO UNDERSTAND the SERIOUSNESS and MASTER PLAN of the BLM now, not tomorrow, NOW!!!!!
    OCTOBER 2008
BLM Alternative Management Options

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  2. There’s always something, isn’t there? Never the fault of poor, even deliberately poor, oversight by the BLM or so-called precedence of outside interests. Always a disease, a predator, an excuse of some sort. Cringeworthy.

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    • The next thing they will argue is mass suicide. Perhaps the wild burros have some secret poison pill they all agree to use if captured?

      This taxpayer funded morass must end, and our supposedly protected wild horses and burros must live.


  3. I ALSO HAVE BEEN BLOCKED BY FB TO SHARE THIS POST – FB IS OUT OF CONTROL, MUCH LIKE THE BLM! They have blocked several of my friends in rescue stating they are making “too many comments”, Talk about control freaks!!
    Funny I had NO problem tweeting your article.

    Feel terrible about the burros – I am going to send emails to the idiots on the Advisory Board about them today!


    • Well I wrote a pretty good comment THEN was told I couldn’t – not a CO resident so here is my comment!
      Why do these “carnivore studies” always involve KILLING the objects of the study? That seems very convoluted to me – you want to know about the animals? Put out game cameras – bring in groups that are already researching how various wildlife lives & dies!
      The fact is, this type of study has been done before and the end results were no increase of the prey species! This smells suspiciously of hunting & ranching organizations that want predators gone.
      The predators in a NATURAL environment make the whole environment and the prey animals in it healthier. The study of wolves in Yellowstone proved that several years ago. I doubt that many US taxpayers really want their taxes spent in enabling Wildlife Services to kill off predators.
      It seems the government agencies that are supposedly “managing” our public lands & wildlife only manage by killing them off. Time for a change!


  4. Drop Facebook and move over to Twitter.

    A major difference between Facebook and Twitter emerges in their methods of communication. Facebook is, in fact, meant to be more passive, as Jeff Glasson noted in an early 2008 blog post on the Social Media Today website. In contrast,

    Twitter seems a much more active form of social communication in which the way you talk to people on the social network emerges as much more conversational. Twitter has been likened to a giant party where you know no one but wish to make many friends. In contrast, Facebook would be a wedding reception filled with family and friends


  5. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
    They didn’t give up

    From Elko Daily Free Press
    Federal stoppage on oil pipeline project is unprecedented

    The government says it now is reconsidering its decision on the pipeline and wants input from the tribe.

    Troy Eid, a Colorado lawyer who specialized in Indian law, says the action was unprecedented and a “significant setback” for the pipeline’s builders. He says historically, tribes have been only consulted on energy infrastructure projects, with the federal government making the actual decisions.


  6. I feel so incredibly frustrated, saddened, angered and enraged (yes, both) reading these posts. First of all I mean no heavy criticism, but simply posting outrage here does absolutely no good in the world. The BLM isnt reading our comments of outrage here. And, sending them a note expressing outrage is just about as meaningless, isnt it? Let’s be real, is that doing anything, I mean ANYTHING?? If so, then we should absolutely inundate them with comments. But does anyone believe they read or care what they read from the public? They dont answer to us. Apparently they answer to no one, which is the REAL PROBLEM. Second, again no heavy criticism is meant, but – the acronyms and shorthand makes reading these posts impossible. I get the gist – the federal agency known as Bureau of Land Management, the BLM, works for private interests and is intent in killing all wild horses and burros they possibly can, all the while making pretenses at rationalizing their brutality. Honestly what Id like to do them I wont print because FBI would come looking for me.
    About posting on social media. I got blocked from FB for targeting an animal abuser. I havent wanted to re-create another account. FB is oppressive. They permit videos showing torture but block people for using foul language or protesting animal abuse. Losers.
    I agree that Twitter is far more useful and effective. But use caution. Never use language that advocates violence against any specific individual. Government also monitors these sites, they really do. Be careful about using foul language – yes, I admit I’ve lost my temper and done it. But the beauty of it is that you can connect with many, many animal rights individuals and groups very quickly, and post as much as you like. You can get an issue trending and really bring it to so many people. I’ve been trying with this issue, but I’m only one person so it would help if there were others doing that also. Don’t use acronym ‘BLM’ for this issue, its in use and applies to a wholly separate cause. Dont worry, there are many tags (hashtags) that can be used to bring attention to the wild horse and burro slaughter by BLM. Use the hashtag – that’s the pound sign- directly before your tag. Like #wildhorses or whatever you want. try it. Please. Let’s use all the tools we have available.


  7. Speaking Truth to Power

    From Congressman Grijalva

    I spent all day Sunday meeting with Native American leaders gathered at the Sioux camp in South Dakota to hear about their opposition to the Dakota Access pipeline, which would destroy sacred land and threaten the tribe’s only water supply. I arrived ready to hear their concerns. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I left inspired.

    From a humble beginning of about 30 people, the camp has grown to approximately 5,000 — with native supporters from as far away as New Zealand, Brazil, California and Florida. They need our help. Can you sign my petition to the Army Corps of Engineers urging them to reject the Dakota Access pipeline once and for all?

    Despite what you may have heard, the camp is peaceful. The land the Dakota Access pipeline would cross was original treaty land, and for a community like the Sioux, that means land that’s been taken away by the government too many times before. Now it’s happening in the name of private industry. Everyone at the camp, and everyone around the world who stands with them, is right to oppose it.

    The leaders in South Dakota have a simple message: This isn’t going to happen to us again. I stand with them now, and I’ll stand with them until the threat of this pipeline is behind us for good. Can you sign my petition urging the Army Corps to reject the Dakota Access project for good?

    I went to listen, not to give speeches. I think it was the right approach. I’m glad to lend my support, and I’m asking you to do the same.



  8. Sinbad Wild Burros
    Follow the timeline

    Wild horses & burros being removed for Richfield Tar Sands plan

    “The document goes so far as to say, ‘the management of wild horse and burro herds is not compatible within those portions of commercial tar sands lease areas.’”
    by Grandma Gregg
    Muddy Creek
    Range Creek


    “The Sinbad HMA is within the Oil Shale and Tar Sands Study Area EIS. However, there are no current leases, active development, preparation of or reclamation of active developments in the Sinbad HMA.”

    Notice of Intent To Prepare a Master Leasing Plan, Amend the Resource Management Plans for the Price and Richfield Field Offices, and Prepare an Associated Environmental Assessment, Utah


    The Bureau of Land Management issued a notice of intent on Tuesday May 17,2016 to prepare a Master Leasing Plan (MLP) for over 500,000 acres of the San Rafael desert in Southern Utah. The plan aims to consider oil and gas leasing and post-leasing development, as well as areas to be protected.

    The planning area, located in Emery and Wayne counties, will provide additional planning and analysis prior to any new oil and gas drilling. The MLP will allow the BLM to resolve long-standing lease protests as well as evaluate suspended leases. The process will also evaluate potential developments in the area and identify potential resource conflicts and environmental concerns. It will also allow the BLM to develop strategies for oil and gas mitigation and consider new conditions, such as no surface occupancy or prohibiting leases in certain areas. This landscape-level planning tool will help ensure balanced management between interests related to recreation, conservation, and industry in the San Rafael Desert. The MLP processes in places like Tres Rios, Moab and more are already showing how stakeholder collaboration can lead to positive land planning outcomes.

    In addition to other issues that might be identified during scoping, through the San Rafael Desert MLP the BLM intends to:
    Resolve long-standing protests on lease parcels that have been sold, but not issued in the planning area;
    Determine whether to modify or lift lease suspensions that have been in place pending further analysis addressing lands with wilderness characteristics;
    Evaluate potential oil and gas development scenarios;




  10. I’m just sick….I sit here reading this and I am stunned, that this goes on. We humans are killing every creature on earth,, sick. I hate our Government.


  11. And regarding the Sinbad wild burro so-called “research” project … the BLM said, “I wanted to just mention, we want to replicate this study in Lake Pleasant HMA in Arizona”.


  12. Such disregard and disrespect for the few remaining wild burros there in Sinbad HMA in Arizona. Did they ever mention how the burros dig out wells that benefit many other species of plants and animals?


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