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Feel Good Sunday: 42-Year-Old Donkey Saved From Worst Place Finds The Friend She Always Needed

By as published on The Dodo

“They are always together and they cry nonstop when they get separated” ❤️️

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  1. From the Denver Post

    Donkeys now considered intelligent and loyal pets
    PUBLISHED: November 6, 2008 UPDATED: May 7, 2016 at

    Kristin Kelly Gerlach was hiking in the woods with her dogs when a sudden movement caught her eye. She turned to see the most unexpected creature grazing the spring grasses.

    With long ears, a long nose, woolly chocolate coat and the sweetest walnut eyes, she found the animal enchanting. “Those eyes were so gentle, there was a whole peaceful presence about him and I wanted to learn more.”

    Like the many Coloradans who did not grow up on a farm, Kelly Gerlach had stumbled upon the mysterious being called a donkey or, in Spanish, burro. This is the same animal dubbed a stubborn ass – from equus asinus – in pop culture. But that’s an unfair label, say donkey owners who praise their pets as intelligent, loyal and affectionate companions.

    In practical terms, donkeys keep weeds to a minimum and protect small livestock from predators with a precise kick.
    But a growing number of owners say donkeys are more than four-legged lawn mowers. They will hike “off leash” and carry children on their backs; you can race them and teach them to pull carts through obstacle courses.

    After centuries of overuse, mistreatment and misunderstanding, these beleaguered beasts are finding the respect they deserve, says Kathy Dean, founder of Longhopes Donkey Shelter in Bennett.



  2. Thank you for this much needed heart swell… and the big smile you put on my face, Longhopes!
    If only there were a thousand more like you.

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