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Feel Good Sunday: The Sound of the Wild Zebra

by R.T. Fitch

“I had trouble sleeping last night, it was not just the thunder from storms providing much needed rain but instead it was the story we posted, yesterday, about the deaths of the two incarcerated Zebras in Texas seeking their freedom and paying for that God given right with their lives.  It haunted me and concerned me to the extent that I could not bring myself to post a “Feel Good Sunday” article this morning, it was all just wrong.  I had to do something to honor those Zebras.

Terry and I have been blessed with our globetrotting expeditions to track and learn about our planet’s wild equines and of course, one of our favorites was our photo safari to the Tanzanian Serengeti to follow the Zebras as they and the Wildebeest made their great migration.  A lifetime highlight…

So today, I dug into my raw iPhone photo files to locate a video that really changed a lot of things for me when it comes to Zebras.  I thought I was rather astute but when we lucked into finding our first herd followed by the Wildebeest I was taken aback by something I had never expected and surely had never heard…the voice of the Zebra.  Freaked me right out and I hope it does so to you, too.

Turn up your volume, sit back and listen closely, this raw video will wash out your mind and be a real treat as it was to us…the Sound of the Zebras.

Embrace the peace.”  R.T.

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  1. There certainly are things that cannot be experienced by watching wildlife on TV/video and are hard to explain to others – such as their odor and the feel of their personal energy and their herd energy when you are in their presence and the energy of the surrounding wilderness and how they related to each other when in the wild and yes, their sound. Thank you, RT.


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