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Feel Good Sunday ~ Video: Tiniest, Fuzziest Mini Horse Starts Dancing With Joy

Source: The Dodo

“This week’s FGS installment is not about goofy, funny or silly things but instead it speaks to resilience, persistence and victory.  A delightful story that will make your soul soar and recharge your spirit on this day of rest.

Wrap your arms around life and give thanks for all that we have as so many others have so much less, my friends.

Peace on.” ~ R.T.

Martha is a tiny dwarf horse who is shorter than a golden retriever. She was born with a genetic defect that left her legs deformed. Watch as she gets better every day and starts to leap around with so much joy!

You can keep up with Martha and all of her adventures on Instagram, randrranchminis: You can learn more about R and R Ranch by visiting their website:

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  1. Brings tears to your eyes but just makes you laugh at the same time. What a little ball of absolute joy. Thank heavens she is where shes truly appreciated & cared for.

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  2. Thank You for helping her and finding a way for her to get better. She is a ball of fire and love, & Just Adorable. I hope you have her a long time.

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