Equine Rescue

Feel Good Sunday ~ Video: Incredible Hurricane Harvey Horse Rescue


Source: The Dodo

“Today is the 2nd anniversary of the devastating flooding event brought upon Houston, TX by Hurricane Harvey.  For us, it meant 20 feet of water in our back pastures, fencing down, gates washed away but a total of 1.5 acres did not flood and through thoughtful planning and the grace of God that is where our home and barn reside.  Others did not fare as well, 10 of thousands lost their homes and animals did not fare any better.

This video shows the true heart of who we call heroes, they risked their lives in an effort to save the life of one who walks on four legs and silently looks to us for guidance, support and confidence.

Great story, great rescue and great people.  Many thanks to all that care, God bless you.” ~ R.T.

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